PRODUCTION: Piekorz in Preproduction with Encounters

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    WARSAW: Magdalena Piekorz, one of Poland's rising young directors, is preparing to film Encounters (Zblizenia), a drama about a tumultuous relationship between a mother and her older daughter and her husband.

    "We are coming back to our favourite subject. Zbliżenia will be an intimate story about complicated family relationships. We are currently in the casting process but the date of the shoot has not yet been set," Piekorz told FNE.

    Piekorz's feature debut The Welts (www.tor.com.pl ) won most of the significant Polish film awards, including the Grand Prix Golden Lion at the Gdynia Film Festival (www.fpff.pl) and the Polish Film Award The Eagles (www.pnf.pl) for the Best Film. Her most recent film was the 2008 drama Drowsiness (www.tor.pl ).

    Encounters  is being produced by Studio Filmowe TOR (www.tor.pl) with a planned budget of 5.4 m PLN (1.2 m EUR). The film has received 2 m PLN for production financing from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl).

    Production contact:

    Studio Filmowe TOR
    Puławska 61
    (48 22) 845-53-03
    (48 22) 845-53-03
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