FNE at T-Mobile New Horizons Studio: Judyta Fibiger


    WROCLAW: The 24 participants of the 3rd New Horizons Studio, which took place during the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF (www.nowehoryzonty.pl) spoke with FNE about their current projects and their views on the international film industry.

    FNE profiles the participants during the month of August.

    Judyta Fibiger, Director and Producer (Poland)

    Judyta Fibiger is the author of You Don’t Know Your Own, or Poland through Foreign Eyes. She produced the documentary film Beats of Freedom, the first flagship film of the “Guide to Poles” documentary series, produced by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (www.iam.pl), and she is the director of the next film in the series, Political Dress (www.iam.plwww.tvn.pl), which examines Polish history, culture and society in the tumultuous years of socialism through the way people dressed.

    “I was trained at as a journalist, so when it comes to production I just learned by working and picking up new things,” Fibiber told FNE.

    “At some point I was looking for some sort of an opportunity to learn how to organize myself in a certain way and became aware of the fact that you have to think about festivals, pitching and sales.

    International meetings like the New Horizons Studio are great because, nowadays you need coproducers, especially when it comes to closing the budget."

    Currently working on:

    Two projects in development.

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