PRODUCTION: Waldemar Krzystek shooting The Photographer

    Waldemar Krzystek Waldemar Krzystek

    WROCŁAW: Waldemar Krzystek, director of the Polish Oscar candidate 80 Million, is filming a thriller entitled The Photographer.

    The film follows a crime investigation taking place in Moscow, where a serial killer is at large. His "trade mark" is a photograph placed at the scene of a crime. The investigators link the case to a series of events that took place in a Polish town in the 1970's

    The film uses flashbacks to the 1970's and the life of Soviet Union Army solders stationed in the Polish town.

    Filming began on 15 September 2012 in Wrocław for one week. The crew will move to the town of Legnica until the end of the month.

    The Photographer is produced by Yes To Film (www.yestofilm.com) in coproduction with Odra-Film (www.odra-film.wroc.pl) and  TVP S.A. (www.tvp.pl), Studio Produkcyjne Orka (www.orkafilm.pl), Banana Split Polska (www.banana.pl), Canal+Cyfrowy (www.canalpluscyfrowy.pl), EBH Polska (www.ebh.pl) and  Dreamsound (www.dreamsound.pl). The budget is 9 m PLN (2.1 m EUR). The film received financial support from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl). The film was one of the winning projects in the VI Lower Silesia Film Contest and will receive 984 000 PLN of coproduction funding from the Lower Silesia Film Center (www.dcf.wroclaw.pl).

    The script for was written by Krzystek and his 80 Million colleague Krzysztof Kopka. The director of photography for is Arkadiusz Tomiak, recognised for his work in dramas such as Konrad Niewolski's Palimpsest (www.zebrafilm.pl) and Arkadiusz Panek's Daas (Agromedia Production).


    Krzystek is using a Polish-Russian cast for The Photographer, including Tatyana Arngoldts, Alena Babenko, Agata Buzek, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Aleksey Gorbunov, Aleksandr Baluyev, Marat Basharov, Dmitriy Ulyanov, Tomasz Kot,  Jan Frycz and Sławomir Orzechowski. The leading role of seven-year-old Kola is played by Andriej Kostash. "We auditioned over 250 boys for this part and finally managed to find Andriej in Ukraine," Krzystek said at a press conference in Legnica.

    The premiere is planned for September 2013.  


    Director - Waldemar Krzystek
    Screenwriter - Waldemar Krzystek, Krzysztof Kopka
    Director of photography - Arkadiusz Tomiak
    Production company - Yes To Film
    Co-production - Odra-Film,TVP S.A., Studio Produkcyjne Orka, Banana Split Polska, Canal+Cyfrowy, EBH Polska,Dreamsound
    Co-financing - Polish Film Institute, Odra-Film


    Tatyana Arngoldts
    Alena Babenko
    Agata Buzek
    Sonia Bohosiewicz
    Aleksey Gorbunov
    Aleksandr Baluyev
    Marat Basharov
    Dmitriy Ulyanov
    Tomasz Kot
    Jan Frycz
    Sławomir Orzechowski
    and others

    Production information:
    Yes To Film
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    tel. 506 319 997