New Warsaw Regional Film Commission Bows at CentEast


    WARSAW: Poland’s capital district is enhancing its growing reputation as a film center with the introduction of the Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission, presented at the CentEast (www.centeast.org) meetings held in Warsaw.

    Poland’s newest film commission will coordinate with and be operated by the Mazovian Film Fund (www.mckis.waw.pl). The film commission will work on attracting filmmakers to the region and facilitate their shoots on location and in studios. Its first goals are to create a  "Mazovia Warsaw Production Guide" and increase the money available for the Mazovian Film Fund, currently 1 m PLN (250,000 EUR), to finance projects made in the region or that promote the image of Mazovia. The Mazovian Film Commission follows the path of successful institutions established in recent years in Łódź, Kraków and Silesia.

    The commission was introduced by Anna Spisz and Michał Kosmala, who noted that Warsaw remains a top location choice for filming. The Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission is planned as first point of contact for filmmakers and will have a comprehensive database of companies and institutions as well as locations.

    "Mazovia is currently the biggest and most highly populated Polish province with 35.6 km2 and over 5 million inhabitants. In the last 20 years Warsaw has become a real film center where all the producers, film and post-production studios and broadcasters are located," a Commission representative said.