National Cinema Digitalization Program launches in Poland

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    The Polish Filmmakers Association (PFA) along with The Polish film Institute, the Ministry of Culture and the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers has started working on the transfer to digital format in Polish cinemas.
    The Polish Press Agency reports that the program is designed especially for smaller cinemas in order to make them more attractive to the viewers. Digital distribution means lower costs as well as more copies able to be presented in places otherwise unable to offer pre-premiere screenings or other movie events. According to the guidelines of the program, 300 Polish cinemas will receive digital projectors.

    During the official press conference Jacek Bromski, the Chairman of PFA ( www.sfp.org.pl), said the project has PLN10 million (3.1 million Euros) in funding and that the organizers will try to negotiate EU funds as well.

    Thus far the digital format in the Polish market has been monopolized by the biggest cinema chains such as Helios, Mulitkino and Silver Screen. That should change in the fall, when the transfer is scheduled to be complete.