PRODUCTION: New Pasikowski project based on controversial Cold War spy Ryszard Kuklinski

    Ryszard Kuklinski (1930 - 2004) Ryszard Kuklinski (1930 - 2004)

    WARSAW: Władysław Pasikowski is following his controversial Aftermath with a new drama Jack Strong, based on the life of colonel Ryszard Kukliński.

    Aftermath, produced by Apple Film (www.applefilm.pl) Polish, Netherlands, Russia, Slovak coproduction based on a WWII era Jewish pogrom in a Polish village provoked waves controversy on its release. Jack Strong looks set to venture into controversial territory.

    Władysław Pasikowski is currently completing the cast for Jack Strong. The production of the title was preceded by a long documentation process that included years of investigating the Polish Institute of Remembrance data and getting accounts from the still living witnesses.

    Colonel Ryszard Kukliński is one of the most intriguing characters of Polish contemporary history. In the 70s he was a Cold War spy, who passed top secret Warsaw Pact documents to the CIA and is thought to be significant in keeping peace in the Western Europe at the time. In May of 1984 he was out of the country but sentenced nonetheless to death by a military court in Warsaw and after the fall of communism the punishment was changed to 25 years in prison. In 1995 he was cleared of all charges and reinstated as the colonel of the Polish military forces.

    Władysław Pasikowski, who is also the author of the script, plans to present Kukliski's cooperation with the CIA and his adventurous escape to USA arranged by American agents, who hid him and his family in a diplomatic car. The details on when the production will launch and who will play the leading role have not yet been revealed. The producer of the film is Scorpio Studio (www.scorpio-studio.com) and the co producers are ITI Cinema (www.iticinema.com.pl) and Orange Polska (www.orange.pl). The film had received financial support from the Polish Film Institute.

    Production contact:
    Scorpio Studio Sp. z o.o.
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    tel.+48 22 392 63 32
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