Polish Thriller Gets UK and Irish Distribution

    Vulture directed by Eugeniusz Korin Vulture directed by Eugeniusz Korin

    WARSAW: Vulture directed by Eugeniusz Korin premiered in British cinemas on 22 January 2013 following a strong opening in Poland on 11 January.

    The film starring Michał Żebrowski and Anna Przybylska had over 109,000 admissions during the opening weekend in Poland. Production company Scorpio Studio told FNE that Vulture will be screened in UK at the Cineworld chain and at IMC and Omniplex in Ireland.

    Vulture is the feature film debut of established theatre director Eugeniusz Korin who chose to make a Polish thriller that would reflect the standards of genre cinema in Hollywood. The plot a dramatic mystery of a series of murders where the victims are criminals. The case is solved by a lone wolf agent nicknamed "Vulture".

    Scorpio Studio is an independent Polish production company founded by Sylwia Wilkos, Roman Gutek and Klaudiusz Frydrych. The 8 m PLN (1.9 m EUR) film received 2 m PLN in funding from the Polish Film Institute. The Polish distributor is ITI Cinema.