TVP Plans Childrens Channel


    WARSAW: Polish public broadcaster TVP is preparing to launch TVP ABC, a thematic channel for the 4-12 age group, in April 2013.

    TVP applied for the Polish National Broadcasting Council  lone available slot for a channel targeting young audiences. The channel will compete for the frequency on the first Polish ground digital multiplex MUX-1 with channels Cartoon Network and Boomerang from Turner Broadcasting Systems.

    TVP ABC will consist of Polish and foreign educational programs, animated series and theater shows including both new and archive materials. TVP told FNE that content produced for the channel locally will be made in close co-operation with top Polish research and educational facilities. The launch of the channel will be accompanied by the creation of a web portal designed for kids. The channel will also be available as part of the hybrid television service recently added to TVP's line-up.

    If the station is successful in its bid for a place on MUX-1 the TVP ABC will launch before the end of April 2013. Later in 2013 the public broadcaster is planning to launch two new thematic channels, TVP Rozrywka (TVP Entertainment) and TVP Dokument (TVP Documentary), as well as establishing a 24/7 news station.