PRODUCTION: Krakow Documentary in Development


    KRAKOW: Magdalena Piekorz is developing a City(W)rites documentary with the working title Krakow Adama Zagajewskiego (Adam Zagajewski's Krakow).

    The film will capture the image of the city through the eyes of the Polish poet and essayist who has been a Literary Nobel Prize candidate. The two plan to create a film about the poetic side of the city that inspired such great Polish artists as Czesław Miłosz and Wisława Szymborska. Piekorz and cinematographer Marcin Koszałka put out a request to the public for interesting and relevant archival materials.

    Piekorz is a leading director in Poland’s younger generation, highly praised for her drama The Welts which was awarded by the Golden Lions at the 29th Gdynia Film Festival.

    The film is a part of the City(W)rites project and financed from the European funds distributed through the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme. It is produced by the Krakow Festival Office. The shoot for the film is supported by Krakow Film Commission, public broadcaster TVP and the Book Institute. The film also received financial support from the Polish Ministry of Culture through the "Readership promotion" programme.

    According to the Krakow Film Commission the film will be made in two versions, a 48-minute edit for television and a 70-75 minute feature for screenings at film festivals.  The film will be produced in Krakow and Małopolska region and is planned as a pilot for a whole cycle presenting the literary capitals of Europe.

    The City(W)rites project will consist of 13 documentary projects promoting literary cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, London and Stockholm. Several European broadcasters are involved in the project including Danish Radio, Portugal’s RTP, Ireland’s RTE, BBC, RAI, Arte, Sweden’s Kunskapskanalen and TVP. All the stations will air the films created as part of the City(W)rites programme