Adamkiewicz Appointed to Lead TVP Production Unit


    WARSAW: Polish public broadcaster TVP has named Zbigniew Adamkiewicz to manage its newly created Agency of Television and Film Production division. 

    TVP told FNE that the new unit within the TVP structure merges two previously separate divisions, the Film Agency, currently headed by Renata Czarnkowska-Listoś, and the Television Production Agency, headed by Andrzej Jeziorek. 

    Adamkiewicz, who moves into the position on 1 July 2013, has been working for TVP since 1993 as a production manager, head of production and producer for shows and documentary projects. He became the deputy director of the Television Production Agency in August 2011. 

    The Agency of Television and Film Production will be responsible for all projects made by or with the support of TVP. The fusion of the two departments is one of the decisions that the TVP Board made as part of a strategy to become more centralized, rather than continuing to be divided into regional and thematic units working independently from one another.