PRODUCTION: Animated Diplodocus Wins Media Development Funding


    WARSAW: Diplodocus, an animated film based on a legendary Polish comic, has won an 80,000 EUR development grant from Media.

    The comical film, following the adventures of a time-traveling dinosaur, is based on a popular Polish graphic novel created by Tadeusz Baranowski, a cult author who sold over 2 million editions.

    Diplodocus is produced by Warsaw-based animation studio Human Ark and has already been granted 100,000 PLN ( 23,476 EUR) for development from the Polish Film Institute. Now Media has chipped in further funds and the producers are seeking a foreign co-producer to join the team.

    Production is expected to launch by the end of 2014, with a premiere date set for 2016. The ambitious project is intended to show Baranowski’s colorful fantasy worlds in "a fresh, modernized look, created in a combination of high-quality 3D animation and hand-painted elements."

    Director Wojtek Wawszczyk co-wrote the script with Rafał Skarżycki. The two worked together on the previous feature-length comic book adaptation George the Hedgehog, winning 118,000 admissions in Poland in 2011 plus festival screenings at SXSW, Karlovy Vary  and SICAF). Diplodocus' producers are Anja Šošić and Maks Sikora.

    “We are convinced that Diplodocus’ great sense of humor, its remarkable visual style and warm-hearted, optimistic message will make the film a valuable offer for the international children’s film market,” Šošić told FNE. “We are developing a cross-media strategy from the very beginning. The charismatic time-traveling protagonists will work very well in games and apps. The distribution will be supported by re-releases of the comic books in different territories.”

    Production information

    Director: Wojtek Wawszczyk
    Script: Wojtek Wawszczyk and Rafał Skarżycki
    Producers: Anja Šošić and Maks Sikora

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