Polo TV Enters the US market


     WARSAW: American Dish Network platform will introduce the Polish channel Polo TV on the US market on 2 June 2014.

    Polo TV US will offer the most popular shows and music video clips from the local version of the channel Polo TV. Dish Network will offer the channel in a special pack with other Polish channels it already provides including TVP Info, iTVN, TVN24 and Polsat 2.

    The Polo TV channel is part of a ZPR Group and held 0.77 % of the market shares in April 2014 and has been available in Poland since 2011 via digital platforms and cable chains.

    "It will surely bring great joy to millions of Poles living in the United States of America. In Poland the station has quickly surpassed other music television channels, including Viva Polska and MTV Polska. It reaches an average of 14 million viewers from all over the country each month. Polo TV US is strongly awaited by a large group of music fans living in the US but also by the musicians creating this type of music in the US," ZPR Group informed FNE.

    Polo TV US is the third station created by the ZPR Group in 2014, following the launch of Fokus TV and Vox Music TV that both started broadcasting in Poland on 28 April 2014. The company informed FNE that its plans for the nearest future include the creation of TVP Rozrywka International, an entertainment channel prepared for the public broadcaster.