PRODUCTION: Kinga Dębska Shooting My Daughters, Cows

    My Daughters, Cow by Kinga Dębska My Daughters, Cow by Kinga Dębska photo: Kalejdoskop

    WARSAW: Polish director will explore complicated family relations in her second feature, My Daughters, Cows produced by Kalejdoskop Film Studio.

    Filming on Moje córki, krowy (My Daughters, Cows) launched on 12 August in Warsaw and will end on 12 September. The film is directed by Kinga Dębska, an experienced Polish documentary filmmaker. Kalejdoskop Film Studio produced her first feature, a thriller-drama entitled Hel in 2009. Her second drama is the story of two estranged sisters in their forties who are forced to come together in the face of the illness and death of one of their parents. Agata Kulesza and Gabriela Muskała are playing the leads, accompanied by an all-star cast of Polish popular actors including Marcin Dorociński and Marian Dziędziel.

    “My dream is to construct this film in a way that will make the viewer laugh and cry, to make him leave the cinema uplifted, not depressed,” the director told FNE.

    The DoP for this film is Andrzej Wojciechowski, Ewa Skoczkowska is the set designer and the producer is Zbigniew Domagalski from Kalejdoskop. The budget of the picture has not yet been revealed but the movie received a 1.7 m PLN for production financing from the Polish Film Institute in 2013.

    The premiere is planned for 2015 with Kino Świat distributing the picture.

    Production contact:

    Kalejdoskop Film Studio
    Chełmska 21
    00-724 Warsaw
    22 851 17 79
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