Polish Gods Gets Distribution in Spain

    Gods by Łukasz Palkowski Gods by Łukasz Palkowski

    WARSAW: The 2014 Polish box office hit Gods will premiere in Spain on 19 February 2016 distributed by Surtsey Films.

    Gods, a biopic drama about surgeon Zbigniew Religa and the first Polish heart transplant, directed by Łukasz Palkowski, had over 2.2 m admissions in Poland in 2014. The picture also premiered in England and Ireland in October 2015.

    Gods was produced by Piotr Woźniak-Starak and Krzysztof Rak of Watchout Productions in coproduction with Agora, Born To Film Productions, Digital 35, Fundacja Sztuki Filmowej Ingenium and Orange. The film received 2 m PLN for production financing from the Polish Film Institute.

    The film will premiere in Spain under the title Dioses.