Independent Polish thriller goes into post production

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Forest Holes directed by Sławomir Kulikowski, which ended filming on July 24th, has gone into post production.

    The title refers to the mysterious little town that becomes the new home to a young couple who plan to open a small motel. The hostile habitants are blocking their attempts and do not want their town to be developed.

    Sławomir Kulikowski, the author of Trapped and Olek, has independently produced all his movies, forning his own company KulixFilm, which is producing this project. The movie was co-financed by television Patio, a division of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (www.wshe.lodz.pl).

    "The final budget of the film has not yet been settled, but as this is an independent production we have about 1/7 of the amount that is usually spent to make a feature movie in Poland," Kulikowki told FNE. "We will try to get more financing for the distribution from the Polish Film Institute in order to show the movie to as many people as possible" he adds.

    The Polish premiere of the movie is planned at the beginning of 2009.