GRANTS: Małopolska Debuts Studio Supports Three Projects


    KRAKOW: Małopolska Débuts Studio will allot in its first edition 76,000 EUR / 330,000 PLN to three Polish first short films chosen out of 31 applications. Małopolska Debuts Studio was set up by Kraków Film Cluster in order to support young filmmakers’ first fiction or documentary short films.

    The winners are: Szkoda całkowita by Jagoda Madej, Fanatyk by Michał Tylka and Ostatnia przysługa by Piotr Domalewski. Each project has an estimated budget of 25,343 EUR /110,000 PLN and will be provided with logistic support from the Krakow Festival Office and postproduction services from Kraków Technology Park MultiLab.

    "The project is addressed to directors – graduates of film schools (…), and primarily to graduates of Małopolska film schools and artists connected to the Małopolska region through the subject and/or location of their project", said Aneta Zagórska, Director of the Kraków Film Cluster.

    The programme is supported by the Polish Film Institute and its strategic partners are the Kraków Technology Park, Kraków Film Foundation and Kraków Film Commission together with the Kraków Festival Office.