Leszek Kopeć to Head Gdynia Film Festival

    Leszek Kopeć Leszek Kopeć credit: mlodagdynia.pl

    WARSAW: Polish Director and producer Leszek Kopeć will have a double role as both Festival Director and Programme Director of the Gdynia Film Festival, the most important event for Polish cinema.

    The Organization Committee for the 42nd Gdynia Film Festival announced its decision to combine the posts of Festival Director and Programme Director. The Committee asked Gdynia Film Festival's acting Director Leszek Kopeć to add Programing to his responsibilities.

    The competition for the Programme Director took place at the beginning of Ferbruary 2016 with Wojciech Marczewski, Jan Pawlicki and Michał Oleszczyk (Gdynia FF Programme Director for the past three years) competing for the spot. Although none of them were chosen, the Committee offered Wojciech Marczewski the post of Head of the Programme Council at Gdynia FF and asked Michał Oleszczyk and Jan Pawlicki to become members of the Council.

    The 42nd edition of the Gdynia Film Festival will take place between 18 - 23 September 2017.