Silesia Film chooses winning projects

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Local film institution Silesia Film had awarded four movie projects with 301,000 Euros in funding.
    The Silesia Film (www.silesiafilm.com.pl) jury under the leadership of Cecylia Gasz-Płonska had chose the winners from 18 scripts submitted.

    Zgorszenie publiczne (Public Outrage) directed by Maciej Pyrkowski and produced by Paisa Films (www.paisafilm.pl), a Silesia-based comedy evolving around the little traditional community faced with the sudden appearance of a secret exhibitionist, received the largest grant, PLN450,000 (136,000 Euros). The film, which is also supported by the Polish Film Institute (PFI) began filming on August 6 and will last till the end of September. PFI reports that the Polish distribution will be managed by Best Film (www.bestfilm.pl).

    Somnolence, directed by Magdalena Piekorz and produced by TOR Film Studio (www.tor.com.pl), received 108,000 Euros for post-production. The story about a narcoleptic girl, young medicine doctor, and a fatally ill writer has a budget of 1.1 million Euros, with 542,000 EUR from PFI. The movie is in prodution until the end of August. The Polish premiere is planned for September 2008.

    The remaining awarded project are two documentaries. The Bondess, directed and produced by Alicja Schatton and currently in pre-production, was awarded 18,500 Euros. Karol Stryja - The Silesian Who Won the Whole World Over, directed by Violetta Rotter-Kozera and produced by the Silesia Philharmonic, based on the life of the renowned orchestra conductor, received 36,000 Euros.