Studio Agart Explores Remote Production Solutions

    Studio Agart Explores Remote Production Solutions photo: Studio AGART

    WARSAW: Studio AGART is adapting to the COVID-19 crisis by offering remote shoots for ad campaigns.

    “In the new reality that we have found ourselves in, what we’ve called #lockdownproductions, we’ve shot campaigns that are slightly smaller than usual,” David Szurmiej, head of Studio Agart told FNE. “The first of them was based on footage filmed at the end of last year on the Kodak Vision 3 Super 8 film stock and stop motion animation.” Another campaign “was shot in our own office while implementing a new sanitary regime. The small team had their body temperature measured, worked in masks and gloves. Some of the crew members used headgear with visors. Above all though, the small team actually had a positive impact on the way that we shot, the quick turnaround and the final edits that we turned out. Though we have to bear in mind that the focus of advertising campaigns has shifted to digital promotion. We’ll see how the new sanitary regime transposes to larger projects. In this case, it's not photo: Studio AGARTjust producers who have a hard nut to crack, but most of all unit managers, who are responsible for health and safety.”

    While Poland did allow small film crews to resume work on 13 May 2020, advertisers are looking for faster delivery times from studios.  

    “The biggest challenge for many people was participating in the shoots remotely. We connected with clients utilising readily available solutions, providing them with a live feed from the main camera image, but also a secondary image so they could see what was happening on set. In the past, we shot dozens of international productions with clients and agencies participating remotely. This has its good and bad sides. We are currently preparing another small, remote production. This time we will introduce another technological #lockdown innovation, motion control based on old 35mm camera crystal sync motors,” Szurmiej said.