FNE at Krakow Film Festival 2020 DOC LAB POLAND: Gypsy Gadji and House of Sand


    KRAKOW: Gypsy Gadji and House of Sand were among the eleven new documentary projects showcased to international distributors, sales agents and festival representatives at the 5th edition of the DOC LAB POLAND: Docs To Start (3-4 July 2020) pitching session, held during the 60th Krakow Film Festival. Each project is in development or an early stage of production and should be completed in 2021-2022.

    Gypsy Gadji (Poland)
    Directed by Dasa Raimanova

    Dasa Raimanova, director of the 2018 film Polyland (2018), takes up the topic of socio-political issues. The film is produced by Rafał Sakowski through Story Vehicle and is planned to be completed in July 2021. The film has already received project development financing from the Polish Film Institute

    Gypsy Gadji follows Roksana, a Polish woman in her thirties, who could be the perfect link between these cultures, but in reality struggles to find a place in even one of them. As a child, Roksana was abandoned by her Polish mother, and her Roma father took care of her. Over the years, she grew up between these worlds, two cultures and traditions, often opposing each other. She had to leave education at the age of 15. Both sides of the family expect her to choose "one of the groups," while she wants to belong to both. She also struggles for her health and personal life. The protagonist faces very difficult choices and decisions that will affect the rest of her path.

    “We want to build a social campaign around the film and start a discussion about the situation of the Roma in Poland, and maybe throughout Europe,” said producer Rafał Sakowski during the pitching.

    House of Sand (Poland)
    Directed by Paweł Wyszomirski

    House of Sand is planned as a bittersweet documentary comedy. The film is produced by Marta Dużbabel through With Passion Production and it is planned to be completed by January 2022. The planned budget is 130,000 EUR.

    “Taking into account that Paweł Wyszomirski is a debut director, we decided to engage an experienced crew and we invited the cinematographer Paweł Dyllus and editor Katarzyna Orzechowska to jump on board. Andrzej Fidyk became the artistic guardian. We've just finalised the documentation process and applied for development funding to the Polish Film Institute. Our partner is also the Gdynia Film School,” said the produced Marta Dużbabel. 

    Paweł Wyszomirski introduces his protagonist Maciej. Immediately after his 60th birthday, he realised that the world is going completely the wrong way and that the human kind is killing the planet. He decided he didn't want to be part of the system anymore. He shut down his little business, moved to Poland, where, together with his 23-year-old son, he began to build the Earthship. Earthship is a futuristic conceptual building that has been developed in the USA since the 1970s. It collects and filters rainwater, uses solar energy and automatically regulates the temperature inside, it also has a garden so it grows food, and it is constructed of trash. Soon, however, it turns out that the noble idea of the fight for the planet is something else - the modern Don Quixote also wants to save his family," explained the director.