PRODUCTION: Shooting Wraps for Polish Drama Starring Katarzyna Figura

    Katarzyna Figura Katarzyna Figura photo: Grzegorz Ziemiański

    WARSAW: It is a wrap for Baptism / Chrzciny, the feature debut of Jakub Skoczeń, starring Katarzyna Figura. The production was one of the first feature films that wrapped after the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted in Poland.

    The shoot began in February 2020. After a break related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the crew resumed work in May, taking into account new restrictions and guidelines related to the safety of the creators and the crew. Currently the film is in post-production and the film is planned to be completed in early winter this year.

    “We came back to the set as the first film crew, with a slight fear, but also enthusiasm, hungry for work, creativity and new challenges. Our film is small intimate cinema, but we had a lot of trouble during the shooting period. When the coronavirus pandemic reached us, we had to stop shooting for two months,” says the film producer Bożena Krakówka. “After returning, of course, we worked with new health and safety guidelines regarding disinfection and distanced work. For all of us - creators, actors and the crew - it was a completely new situation. Everything went well. I am proud of my team that they coped so well with the new planned sanitary regime.”

    Baptism is the feature debut of Jakub Skoczeń, director and screenwriter of documentary films and television series. Bartek Cierlica is the cinematographer for this project. The set design was created by Aleksandra Klemens. Katarzyna Figura will be accompanied by Agata Bykowska, Marta Chyczewska, Marianna Kowalewska, Michał Żurawski, Tomasz Schuchard and Maciej Musiałowski, as well as Andrzej Konopka, Tomasz Ślubok and Piotr Ligienza. The film takes place on 13 December 1981, when General Jaruzelski announces the imposition of martial law. At the same time, at home in Lesser Poland, the main heroine, a devout Catholic Franciszka (Katarzyna Figura) is preparing the baptism of her youngest grandson. For the first time in fifteen years, she manages to reunite her estranged children. She wants to reconcile them, as she promised to the Virgin Mary. 

    The film is produced by Bożena Krakówka through her company ANDERSA STREET ART AND MEDIA in coproduction with Robert Ziółek- Mushchelka Production and TVP. The film received support from the Polish Film Institute.

    Production information:

    Aleksandra Różdżyńska
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    Director: Jakub Skoczeń
    Cinematographer: Bartek Cierlica
    Set designer: Aleksandra Klemens
    Producer: Bożena Krakówka
    Coproducer: Robert Ziółek
    Cast: Katarzyna Figura, Agata Bykowska, Marta Chyczewska, Marianna Kowalewska, Michał Żurawski, Tomasz Schuchard and Maciej Musiałowski as well as Andrzej Konopka, Tomasz Ślubok, Piotr Ligienza