Polish Box Office Drop to 92,000 admissions in June 2020

    Cinema City in Wałbrzych Cinema City in Wałbrzych Cinema City

    WARSAW: Only 92,000 viewers visited Polish cinemas in June 2020, when the government allowed their reopening. The films cashed in 334,663 EUR /1.48 m PLN. In comparison, at the same time last year Polish cinemas reported 2.75 m admissions and 11 m EUR / 48.91 m PLN gross.

    Cinema chains expect viewers to return, although attendance will not quickly return to the pre-pandemic state. 

    In June 2020 there were only 51 titles in circulation, and the average ticket price was 3.6 EUR / 16.10 PLN, according to the Polish Film Institute. In the same period in 2019 there were over 385 titles in circulation and the average ticket price was 4 EUR / 17.79 PLN.

    However, the attendance increased to 21,000 in the first week of July 2020, which translated into 79,815 EUR / 353,000 PLN of income. According to the Polish Film Institute, with a slight upward trend throughout the month, this may lead to a monthly result of 180,000 viewers.

    Optimistically, it can be assumed that July 2020 will close with 250,000 admissions and 949,545 EUR / 4.2 m PLN gross, but so far producers and distributors are not announcing major premieres in July. It should also be remembered that two out of three major cinema chains have not yet confirmed the opening dates of all their cinemas, says the author of the analysis, producer and Polish Film Institute expert Kamil Przełęcki. 

    However, the Polish Film Institute forecasts poor cinema revenues in July, with an audience decline of over 90% compared to 2019. 

    August should bring a big change, provided that the announced premieres of world productions are maintained and other networks will open their cinemas. The average ticket price remains unknown, as it currently does not exceed 3.8 EUR / 17 PLN, and its reduction should be taken into account as part of various types of promotions or the use of subscriptions, Kamil Przełęcki also said.

    Cinemas across Poland were closed from 12 March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Following the lift of the restrictions, the first facilities reopened over three months later. According to the new sanitary rules, the screenings rooms have to be filled up to 50% of capacity and viewers have to wear protective masks.