Polish Film Supernova Opens in UK, Germany and Norway

    Supernova by Bartosz Kruhlik Supernova by Bartosz Kruhlik

    WARSAW: Bartosz Kruhlik’s debut feature Supernova was released theatrically in UK, Germany and Norway by Kino Project on 21 August 2020. The Polish IKH Pictures Promotion is managing the international sales.

    Supernova centres on three men, one place and a single event that will change the life of each of them. Told in a realist style, this is a universal story about a few hours from the life of a village community. It offers an observation of the condition of a person in a critical situation and poses a question about the fundamental nature of coincidence and destiny. A vibrant story oscillating between drama, thriller and disaster film.

    The film was shot in 2019, and it was produced by Munk Studio in coproduction with Canal+ Polska and with the support of the Polish Film Institute.

    Forum Film Poland released Supernova domestically in November 2019.