New VOD Levy Raises 890,000 EUR For Polish Film in First Quarter Results


    WARSAW: Poland’s groundbreaking new VOD levy has raised an additional 3.9 m PLN / 890,000 EUR for Polish film in its first quarter of operation. With cinemas closed across Europe the new Polish levy is being closely watched by struggling film industries in other countries looking for new sources of support.

    The money came from 14 operators and while the Polish Film Institute did not announce how much each operator paid, Netflix and Cyfrowy Polsat are expected to be the biggest contributors.

    The levy on on-demand audiovisual media services on the internet, was introduced at the beginning of July as part of the anti-crisis shield. The 1.5 percent levy based on subscription revenues or ad revenues, whichever is higher, is paid every quarter to the Polish Film Institute.

    The money comes from providers of audiovisual online on demand services including VOD platforms as well as radio and internet broadcasters.

    Micro-entrepreneurs and publishers of websites that attract less than a 1 percent share of users are exempt.