Cinemas in Poland Close Again

    Cinemas in Poland Close Again photo: Cinema City

    WARSAW: The Polish Government has announced that cinemas in the Mazowieckie and Lubuskie regions will be closed again on 15 March 2021, along with theatres, hotels and restaurants. The same restrictions were introduced in the Pomeranian region on 13 March 2021.

    Due to the increase in the number of coronavirus infections, stricter restrictions are being reintroduced in other regions. The Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced another lockdown in the provinces of Mazowieckie, Lubuskie and Pomorskie on 11 March 2021. The restrictions, including closed cultural institutions, are to apply at least until 28 March. This means that more than a month after opening following the autumn lockdown, cinemas in Warsaw and other cities in these regions will be closed again.

    Roman Gutek, co-founder of the Gutek Film distribution company and owner of the Muranów Cinema in Warsaw, said in a statement that he understands the return to restrictions and the fight to limit the spread of the virus. “However, decisions regarding cinemas are ill-considered and announced overnight. At the beginning of February, information about the temporary opening of cinemas was announced a week in advance. This is not a serious approach. What if the cinemas opened when there was nothing to show in them? The offer was very modest. Distributors are not able to prepare films in such a short time. They also need time to promote them. The opening of cinemas must be announced preferably two months in advance,” he added.

    Only studio cinemas opened for viewers after the autumn lockdown. According to data from Boxoffice.pl, over 68,000 people attended film screenings in Poland in the first two weekends after the reopening of cinemas (12-14 and 19-21 February). The largest multiplex chains, including Multikino, Cinema City and Helios, have been closed since last November. Their owners are waiting for the indefinite reopening of cinemas and permission to consume drinks and food during the screenings.