Almost 3000 Titles Digitally Restored by Polish TVP

    The Doll, Ryszard Ber, TV series 1977, TVP The Doll, Ryszard Ber, TV series 1977, TVP

    WARSAW: The Polish public broadcaster TVP has digitally restored almost 3,000 film and television productions. In addition, the company has digitalised as much as 1,000 km of film.

    The reconstructed productions include popular series, feature and documentary films, TV theatre performances and programmes for children. The budget of the project was over 17.9 m EUR / 80 m PLN.

    “The television is the custodian of the unique national heritage, which consists of over 1.5 million broadcasts in 18 television archives. In the main TVP archive alone, there are about 430,000 of them on magnetic carriers and over 100 thousand on photosensitive media. It is the materials recorded on photosensitive or film tape that offer the greatest opportunity to reconstruct the image”, says Przemysław Herburt, director of the TVP Documentation and Programme Collection Centre.

    A team of specialists in image and sound reconstruction, editing and colour correction works with extreme precision on each film frame. It is a complex technological process that requires top-class equipment, including high-precision scanners, modern tape recorders and specialised software.

    Thanks to digital reconstruction, TVP is creating a rich digital library that will forever protect the heritage of the Polish television and film school from degradation.