FESTIVALS: LGBT+ Film Festival 2021 Announces Programme


    WARSAW: The 12th edition of LGBT+ Film Festival, the largest LGBT+ film festival in Central and Eastern Europe, will screen 53 films in eight Polish cities starting with Warsaw (17 - 24 September 2021). Some of the titles will also be available online.

    The selection includes films nominated for the Queer Lion at the Venice Festival, such as the Canadian drama Saint-Narcisse by Bruce LaBruce, as well as Jump, Darling (Canada) by Phil Connell, Why Not You (Austria, Belgium) by Evi Romen, Valentina (Brazil) by Cássio Pereira dos Santos, and Transkids (Israel) by Hilla Medalia. The opening film will be Swan Song directed by Todd Stephens.

    “The expansion of our programme means more and more inclusiveness and diversity; we try to provide a screen representation to the widest possible spectrum of recipients, at the same time responding to the needs of a diverse group of viewers. During this year's hybrid edition of the festival, we will present full-length films aimed at fans of both the underground provocateur Bruce LaBruce and enthusiasts of lesbian coming-of-age, while the documentary section will, in turn, cover topics taken from the history of WW2, such as Dear Fredy (Israel), about a homosexual Jew, Fredy Hirsch, who tried to save children imprisoned in Theresienstadt and Auschwitz, but also those that shocked the community last summer, such as 7th Of August (Poland, KPH)”, says Anna Flagmańska, who is in charge of the festival programme.

    Apart from Warsaw, the festival will also take place in: Gdańsk (17-24 September), Wrocław (17-23 September), Kraków (17 September-3 October), Łódź (18-23 September), Poznań (27 September-3 October), Katowice (29 September-3 October), Bydgoszcz (30 September-3 October). The films will be available online on the Outfilm.pl platform from 4 to 18 October 2021.

    Click HERE for the full programme.