FNE at Gdynia Polish FF 2021: Sonata

    Sonata by Bartosz Blaschke Sonata by Bartosz Blaschke

    GDYNIA: Sonata by Bartosz Blaschke, a moving story about the autistic musician Grzegorz Płonka, will screen in the main competition of the Gdynia Film Festival, taking place 20-25 September 2021.

    Diagnosed as an autistic child, Grzegorz lives in his own world, not being able to connect with others. When he is a teenager, it turns out that the cause of his isolation is not autism but a deep hearing impairment, underneath which a great musical talent has been hidden for years. Thanks to a hearing aid, Grzegorz starts to discover speech, sound and music, in which he falls in love. Grzegorz now desires to become a pianist, but no one, apart from his family, believes that he will ever make his dream come true.

    “Grzegorz lived in his hermetic world for several years. He did not know the words, so he could not communicate simple, basic information. When I heard him play and got to know his incredible story, I made a decision to devote a few years of his life and, through my film, to help him get out of this closed world”, said director Bartosz Blaschke, who is also the scriptwriter.

    The cast includes Małgorzata Foremniak, Michał Sikorski and Łukasz Simlat.

    Sonata was produced by Sylwester Banaszkiewicz and Marcin Kurek through Mediabrigade in coproduction with TVP, the Krakow Festival Office, and the Podkarpackie Film Fund, with the support of the Polish Film Institute.

    The film was shot in 2020 on location in Krakow - NowaHuta, the Tatra Mountains, and the protagonist's hometown of Murzasichle, as well as at Poronin, Zakopane, Podkarpacie, Silesia and Lower Silesia, as well as the International Hearing Centre in Kajetany.

    The Polish distributor is TVP and the premiere date has not been announced yet. 

    Production Information:

    Mediabrigade (Poland)
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    TVP (Poland)
    Krakow Festival Office (Poland)
    Podkarpackie Film Fund (Poland)

    Director: Bartosz Blaschke
    Screenwriter: Bartosz Blaschke
    DoP: Tomasz Augustynek
    Cast: Małgorzata Foremniak, Michał Sikorski, Łukasz Simlat