PRODUCTION: Patryk Vega in Postproduction with Autobiopic Invisible War

    Invisible War by Patryk Vega Invisible War by Patryk Vega credit: Kino Świat

    WARSAW: The latest autobiographical film written and directed by Patryk Vega, entitled Invisible War, will be released in Polish theatres on 30 September 2022, with Rafał Zawierucha in the lead. The film is currently in postproduction.

    Invisible War / Niewidzialna Wojna, produced by Vega's own company Vega Investments, is the answer, inter alia, to the questions of what shaped Vega as a man and as a director, where he came from to the film industry and how ideas for his films were born.

    "This is not a documentary, a monument or glorification. It is a fast-paced story about myself, filled with truth, emotions and characteristic humour, revealing the backstage of the life and career of the most controversial director", Patryk Vega said in a statement.

    The cast will include Rafał Zawierucha, Anna Mucha, Piotr Cyrwus, Ignacy Klim and Justyna Karłowska.

    The local distributor is Kino Świat. The international release date has not yet been confirmed.

    This is another of the director's projects in 2022. In May, following the announcement that he would stop making films in Poland, he announced a film about Vladimir Putin. The cast of The Vor in Law will be composed mainly of actresses and actors from Europe. The film will be shot in Poland, Lithuania and Malta. Click HERE to read more about The Vor in Law.

    Production Information:

    Vega Investments (Poland)

    Director: Patryk Vega
    Screenwriter: Patryk Vega
    Cast: Rafał Zawierucha, Anna Mucha, Piotr Cyrwus, Ignacy Klim, Justyna Karłowska