PRODUCTION: Polish Classic Mr. Blot's Academy Revamped with Film Franchise and Metaverse

    T. Kot, A. Litwiniak, M. Kawulski, P. Fronczewski, T. Wardyn T. Kot, A. Litwiniak, M. Kawulski, P. Fronczewski, T. Wardyn photo: Dawid Zuchowicz / NEXT FILM

    WARSAW: Maciej Kawulski’s new feature film Mr. Blot's Academy / Akademia Pana Kleksa, based on the bestselling children's novel by Jan Brzechwa and currently in production, will be divided into two parts. Polish viewers will see the first one at the end of 2023, but before that an entire metaverse, including NFTs related to the title, will be created.

    The new screen adaptation of the classic novel will speak with its content and form to the youngest, but it will also start a dialogue with older viewers, who still remember the cult film adaptation from the 1980s directed by Krzysztof Gradowski, produced by Zodiak Film Studio and starring Piotr Fronczewski as Ambrose Kleks.

    Internationally acclaimed Polish actor Tomasz Kot will be playing the lead, Mr. Blot / Kleks, accompanied by Antonina Liwtiniak, who was cast as Ada Niezgódka, a departure from the book original placing a female character in the centre of the story instead of a little boy named Adam. 

    But before the film hits the cinemas, fans will be able to buy tokens, which will be a kind of a ticket to use in the virtual world of Mr. Blot - an augmented reality (AR) application and metaverse.

    The film will be an introduction to the Academy universe that will be built on the blockchain. Kleks Academy tokens will appear later this month and at least 7,000 NFTs will be made available.

    Such digital assets are not only 3D graphics that can be boasted on social media. “We propose a technology that is unique on a global scale, because we are introducing an innovative multi-D NFT concept, which will allow you to rediscover your token multiple times”, emphasises Karol Belina-Brzozowski, co-founder of the Kleks Academy. 

    Mr. Blot's Academy will also enter into virtual reality, the world of metaverse. “In the metaverse, all members of the Academy will be able to continue the fun based on competitions and challenges. We will also provide them with the possibility of navigating the metaverse outside of the Kleks Academy, which will be possible thanks to combining it with other creative projects”, Karol Belina-Brzozowski also said.

    The work on the film began over three years ago. “During this time, we created a completely new story based on Brzechwa’s novel. It is a kind of co-educational haven and a journey into our own imagination, on which we will take the youngest viewers", director Maciej Kawulski said at a press conference in May 2022. 

    The film is shot on location in Poland since June 2022. It is produced by Open Mind Production in coproduction with Bajka Pana Kleksa, an events centre inspired by Brzechwa's books and operating in Katowice.

    The planned budget of the first part of the film is 3.3 m EUR / 15.9 m PLN. The project is supported by the Omena Mensah Foundation and the Rafał Brzoska Foundation.

    The city of Katowice and InPost are the official partners of the production. LEGO is also supporting.

    The first part of the film will open in Polish cinemas by the end of 2023, distributed by NEXT FILM.

    Production Information:

    Open Mind Production (Poland)
    Next Film (Poland)
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    Bajka Pana Kleksa (Poland)

    Director: Maciej Kawulski
    Screenwriter: Krzysztof Gureczny
    DoP: Bartłomiej Cierlica
    Cast: Tomasz Kot, Antonina Litwiniak