PRODUCTION: Doc on Polish Football Player Robert Lewandowski to Hit Amazon Prime in 2023

    PRODUCTION: Doc on Polish Football Player Robert Lewandowski to Hit Amazon Prime in 2023 photo: Papaya Films

    WARSAW: The first documentary about Robert Lewandowski, one of the greatest strikers in the history of football, is currently in postproduction and will premiere internationally on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. The film, which doesn’t have a title yet, is directed by Maciej Kowalczuk and was commissioned by Amazon Prime Video from Papaya Films, one the largest production houses in Poland.

    “The idea for this film is not obvious, so I decided to make it. It will be a story of ups and downs, moments of strength, but also moments of weakness. No embellishment, as it really was. The film will present many untold stories from my career that will surely interest football fans. However, I hope that viewers who do not follow football games will also watch this film with interest”, Robert Lewandowski said in an official statement.

    The film was set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video before the start of the ongoing 22nd FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but the producers decided to supplement it with Lewandowski's recent transfer from Bayern Munich to FC Barcelona, which prolonged the works.

    “Many filmmakers in the world probably dream of telling the story of our best striker. For several years, we have been consistently developing the production of original film content, which is why I am very happy that Robert Lewandowski trusted our vision and experience. And thanks to the involvement of Amazon Prime Video, we will be able to reach viewers around the world with his story”, Kacper Sawicki, president of Papaya Films and producer of the film, told FNE.

    The film was produced in 2022.

    Production Information:

    Papaya Films
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    Director: Maciej Kowalczuk
    Cast: Robert Lewandowski