Polish Broadcaster TVP to Receive Compensation for Lost Subscriptions

    TVP headquarters in Warsaw TVP headquarters in Warsaw photo: Adrian Grycuk, Wikimedia

    WARSAW: Polish broadcaster TVP received over 481.3 million EUR / 2.3 billion PLN compensation from the National Broadcasting Council for lost subscription revenues.

    The Polish Radio also received 39.1 m EUR / 187 m PLN compensation, while 17 regional radio broadcasting companies received 34.5 m EUR / 165 m PLN.

    The National Broadcasting Council divided the compensation for the revenues from license fees lost in 2023 due to exemptions, setting the value of treasury securities for individual public radio and television units intended for the implementation of the mission.

    At the beginning of 2023, the National Broadcasting Council significantly raised basic monthly radio and TV subscription rates. Subscribers will pay 5.71 EUR / 27.30 PLN for the use of a television or radio and television set, compared to 5.12 EUR / 24.50 PLN in 2022.