FNE at Meeting Point Vilnius 2023: Joanna Ratajczak in Production with Polish/German Doc Trust Me

    Trust Me by Joanna Ratajczak Trust Me by Joanna Ratajczak credit: Silver Frame

    VILNIUS: Polish director Joanna Ratajczak is currently in production with her long Polish/German documentary Trust Me, which is estimated to be finished in 2023. The project participated in the Coming Soon pitching session at Meeting Point – Vilnius, which was held within the 28th Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris (16 – 26 March 2023).

    After 15 years spent together, Sebastian surprises his wife with a radical proposal of opening their relationship to other partners. Alicja agrees and the couple embark on a turbulent journey with uncertain results. Initially, the film talks about the joint and with time the more and more lonely fight of each of them. About the difficulty of dealing in this new situation with emerging feelings, doubts and needs.

    “About half of European adults cheat in their relationships. Infidelity is the most common reason for divorce. Jealousy is the main cause of fatal acts of violence in Western countries. More than half of the husbands and wives admit that they do not find their sexual desires fulfilled with their partner. The classic normality in relationships is: lie, cheat, hurt, break up. My film is intended to make this disclosure and the resulting consequences tangible for the viewer. The idea is that the viewer experiences and feels what happens even when the last questions are asked and answered as openly as possible”, Joanna Ratajczak told FNE.

    "Alicja and Sebastian experience a crisis at a point where many of us have been in a relationship. The point where cracks appear on a formerly smooth surface, where questions are asked to which there are no easy answers. We don't know where the protagonists will lead us. Alicja and Sebastian begin a new chapter in their lives as a couple, leaving the door open for us to see the most personal, hidden nooks and crannies of their characters", Ratajczak added.

    The project is produced by Stanislaw Zaborowski and Daria Maślona through Polish Silver Frame in coproduction with Oliver Stoltz through German Dreamer Joint Venture.

    The partners of the project are the RBB Dok, Arte and HBO Europe.

    The total budget is 200,000 EUR. 

    Filming in Poland and Germany began in 2019 and will end in June 2023. The main filming locations are Pelitz, Berlin and Szczecin.

    Production Information:

    Silver Frame (Poland)
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    Dreamer Joint Venture (Germany)

    Director: Joanna Ratajczak
    DOP: Joanna Piechotta
    Editor: Patrycja Piróg
    Composer: Natalia Mateo