Polish Days 2023 Announces Selected Projects

    Minghun by Jan P. Matuszyński Minghun by Jan P. Matuszyński source: New Horizons

    WROCŁAW: New films by DK Welchman, Jan P. Matuszyński and Damian Kocur are among the projects selected for Polish Days 2023. The biggest industry event in Poland will be held in Wrocław 23 - 25 July 2023 during the 23rd mBank New Horizons International Film Festival (20 – 30 July 2023).

    Four completed films, nine works in progress and nine projects in development will be showcased.

    Polish Days is co-organised by the Polish Film Institute. Event partners include FIXAFILM, ORKA, NO PROBLEMO MUSIC, the Wrocław Film Commission, the Łódź Film Commission, the Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission, the Podkarpackie Film Commission, the Silesia Film Commission, the Gdańsk Film Fund and DI FACTORY.

    This year’s awards are funded by FIXAFILM, ORKA and NO PROBLEMO MUSIC.

    Full List of Selected Projects:

    Completed Films:

    Big Chief
    Directed by Tomasz Wolski

    The Life and Deaths of Max Linder
    Directed by Edward Porembny

    Ultima Thule
    Directed by Klaudiusz Chrostowski

    White Courage
    Directed by Marcin Koszałka

    Works in Progress:

    Challenge of the Bow
    Directed by Łukasz Barczyk

    Fin del Mundo?
    Directed by Piotr Dumała

    It’s Not My Film
    Directed by Maria Zbąska

    Milk Bearer
    Directed by Natalia Pietsch

    Directed by Jan P. Matuszyński

    Next to Nothing
    Directed by Grzegorz Dębowski

    RAVE. 140 Beats per Minute
    Directed by Dawid Nickel, Łukasz Ronduda

    The Peasants
    Directed by DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman

    Wet Monday
    Directed by Justyna Mytnik


    Bad Mother
    Directed by Małgorzata Imielska

    Directed by Maciej Sobieszczański

    Directed by Anna Kasińska

    Directed by Michał Ciechomski

    Directed by Tadeusz Łysiak

    Directed by Agnieszka Zwiefka

    The Queen of Pots
    Directed by Jakub Piątek

    Under the Volcano
    Directed by Damian Kocur

    Directed by Maciej Pieprzyca

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