PRODUCTION: Polish Animation Directors Marcin Wasilewski and Jacek Rokosz Prep The Shrew of Destiny

    The Shrew of Destiny by Marcin Wasilewski and Jacek Rokosz The Shrew of Destiny by Marcin Wasilewski and Jacek Rokosz credit: EGo Film

    WARSAW: Polish animation directors Marcin Wasilewski and Jacek Rokosz are currently in preparation with their long animated film The Shrew of Destiny / Ryjówka przeznaczenia. This Polish/Lithuanian coproduction is a moving story about one of the smallest animals inhabiting the Polish forests.

    Based on the book Ryjówka przeznaczenia by Tomasz Samojlik, The Shrew of Destiny is a story about the smallest ones who affect the lives of the biggest ones and about how much a coherent ecological vision is needed for the entire planet.

    The Shrew of Destiny is a beautiful story about the smallest animal living in a forest that needs to be saved, and about its discovery that it can’t do it alone but with help from its friends. This project aims at developing the ecological awareness from the youngest age and also to help create kids’ system of values. Developing the art style that will be used in the film, we decided to inspire ourselves with the European tradition of animation. The result is appealing, artistically impressive and sure to charm the international audience”, producer Ewelina Gordziejuk told FNE.

    Gordziejuk is producing through the Polish animation studio Ego Film in coproduction with Polish GS Animation, Paris Hendzel Studio, PRL Studio and the Lithuanian company Art Short Lithuania.

    The project is co-financed by the producer and the coproducers, with support from the Polish Film Institute and the Lithuanian Film Fund.

    The total budget is approximately 1.9 m EUR.

    The premiere of the film is planned for the first half of 2026.

    Production Information:

    Ego Film (Poland)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    GS Animation (Poland)
    Paris Hendzel Studio (Poland)
    PRL Studio (Poland)
    Art Short Lithuania (Lithuania)

    Directors: Marcin Wasilewski, Jacek Rokosz
    Scriptwriters: Tomasz Samojlik, Maciej Kur
    Illustration: Tomasz Samojlik, Marta Sieczak, Agnieszka Czachór
    Backgrounds: Gediminas Skyrius
    Character design: Niels Dolmer