Maciej Slesicki starts shooting his "minute trilogy"

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Maciej Slesicki attempts to create a universal image of contemporary Poland in his new trilogy under the umbrella title Three Minutes.
    Three new movies from the renowned Polish filmmaker will be titled 21:37, 21:38, and 21:42. The first part starts from a significant moment, when on the evening a week after the death of the Pope Jean Paul II millions of Poles switched off their lights as a symbol of mourning. The individual life-changing stories are interwoven during the same three minutes.

    The movie is produced by Paisa Films (www.paisafilms.pl), a Polish company found by the director and Jolanta Rojek. Filming started on October 9 and will last 120 days when all three parts will be completed. The "minute trilogy" will be shot mainly in Warsaw and surrounding locations. The total budget of this project is 8.5 million PLN (2.4 million euros) with a 3 million PLN input from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl). The ditributor is Best Film (www.bestfilm.pl).

    Maciej Slesicki is the author of several awarded movies, including Sara and Dad, as well as the highly popular comedy television series Police Station Nr 13. For this project he managed to collect a cast of talented Polish stars including Boguslaw Linda, Piotr Adamczyk, Andrzej Grabowski, Agnieszka Grochowska, Cezary Pazura, Mateusz Damiecki and Marian Dziedziel. This crew and the fact that Slesicki has a talent of making an intelligent, yet funny and approachable cinema, could mean another success for one of his titles.

    The premiere of the first part is planned for the October 2009, and the next episodes will appear in the following months.