Polish dramatist debuts in 30 Minutes

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Krzysztof Bizio moves from scriptwriter to director with All of Anna's Lies, which began filming October 20.
    The Polish play and script author is known for his theatre scripts Lament and Toxins as well as the movie 0_1_0, presented during the recent festival in Gdynia. His texts have been the basis for several dozen adaptations both locally and internationally.

    Bizio's debut, All of Anna's Lies, is a story of a 36 year old woman going through a crisis in her perfectly planned but, she thinks, hypocritical life. After a suicide attempt she ends up in the detoxification ward where an encounter with an old childhood friend changes her faith.

    The movie is being created in the Andrzej Munk's "Youth and Film" Studio (www.studiomunka.pl) operating under the Polish Filmmakers Association (www.sfp.org.pl). The executive producing company is Media Brigade. The Wroclaw based company is also co-producing this picture along with the cultural channel of the Polish public television TVP Kultura. The movie was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

    All of Anna's Lies is a part of the "30 Minutes" project established by the SFP, TVP Kultura, Andrzej Wajda's Master School of Directing, and film schools in Cracow and Lodz to help debuting directors launch their careers. The program is provides them with professional equipment and guidance as well as financing in the amount of 130 000 PLN (35 500 EUR) for each project. All the movies created in "30 Minutes" are short features of half an hour length; one of the goals of the program is tackling the lack of interesting and challenging shorts in the Polish market. All the shorts are assured a screening on PTV as well as a DVD release, with most of them to be presented in cinemas as well.


    Director: Krzysztof Bizio
    Script: Krzysztof Bizio
    Camera: Wojciech Todorow
    Art design: Małgorzata Fudala
    Costume: Małgorzata Fudala
    Producer: Sylwia Kucharska
    Production company: Andrzej Munk's Studio, Media Brigade

    Principal cast:

    Dorota Chrulska
    Anna Sroka
    Grzegorz Falkowski