Polish Tricks in French distribution

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Tricks directed by Andrzej Jakimowski had gone into regular cinema release in France, gathering enthusiastic reviews.
    The movie's premiere took place on the 21st of October in the Parrnasiens cinema and received a long ovation. Tricks is the first Polish movie in regular French distribution in over a decade. Until recently the French audiences had the chance to see Polish productions only during retrospectives.

    The movie is distributed by the French Company KMBO Films (www.kmbofilms.com), with 23 copies under the title Un Conte d'été polonais (A Polish Summer Story). The web cinema portal www.stopklatka.pl reports that the distributor is pleased with admissions of 6,254 during the opening weekend in France.

    The movie got very positive reviews in influential French newspapers including Le Figaro and Le Monde.