Golden Mean moves to post-production

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Director Olaf Lubaszenko's Golden Mean has wrapped its Warsaw location shoot after several breaks and additional production days.

    The movie is produced and distributed by Forum Film Poland (www.forumfilm.pl) and the Polish premiere is planned for March 13, 2009.

    Lubaszenko seems to have found a recipe for Polish box office success: absurd comedy spiced with a star cast and celebrity cameos. His latest is a modern twist on the "gender cross dressing" theme.

    Golden Mean
    presents the story of Mirka who, despite growing up in a shady Warsaw neighborhood of Praga in a family of slackers, manages to finish law school. Unfortunately, in order to save her family, she has to abandon her honest ways and plan a scheme revolving around her posing as a man.

    Lubaszenko, an accomplished actor before morphing into a well-known director, is responsible for titles such as Boys Don't Cry, Coyote's Morning and E=mc2, which quickly became one of the most popular Polish movies of the last decade. Golden Mean stars Anna Przybylska and includes guest appearances from celebrity Polish soccer players, comedians, and politicians.