Chocolate's Day enters pre-production

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Chocolate's Day, produced by Jacek Blawut Film Production, has entered the pre-production stage after a preparatory period that started in February 2008.

    The planned shoot will take place in March and April 2009. The total budget is not yet finalized, but is is already known that the Polish Film Institute supported this project with PLN 80,000 (€20,000) for development. The Polish premiere of Chocolate's Day is planned between September and November 2009.

    Chocolate's Day, directed by Piotr Blawut, is a poetic fairy tale about the difficulty of being a child in the world of grown ups. The movie, addressed to the younger audience, is an adaptation of a short story of the same name written by Anna Onichimowska.

    Director: Piotr Blawut
    Script: Anna Onichimowska, Piotr Blawut
    Production company: Produkcja Filmow Jacek Blawut