The Forrest gets finishing touches

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    The Forest, a partially animated feature film from animator and director Piotr Dumala, is in post-production, with a May 2009 projected completion date.
    The film is a poetic and dream-like story devoted to topics of senility, sickness, dying and the love between father and son. The movie is produced by Eureka Media in co-operation of Art And Media. The total budget of PLN 1.4 million (€360,000) was financed The Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl) with PLN 1 milion input ( €257,000) and co-financed by Laboratorium, The Silesia Film Institution, and The Chimney Pot. Work on the project started in the second half of 2007,


    Director: Piotr Dumala

    Scriptwriter:Piotr Dumała

    Art Design and Costume: Piotr Dumala

    Soundtrack: Pawel Szymanski

    Production manager: Bozena Krakowka, Dorota Rozowska

    Producing Company: Eureka Media

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    00-384 Warsaw

    tel.: (+4822) 828 48 10

    fax.: (+4822) 829 56 73

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