Lodz City Office boosts local film industry

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    The City of Lodz Office is offering 1 million PLN for filmmakers, provided they will spend it in the city.

    The authorities of Lodz (known as the "film capital of Poland") plan to assign a total of 1 million PLN (€25,000) to the creators of film projects oriented around and realized in their region. The City Office told FNE that in order to get the funding, filmmakers will have to be legally entitled and experienced to create their project and have the financial independence to follow it through. This last condition is crucial, as the budget input from those selected should match 50% of the funding from the City Of Lodz.

    The contest is designed to help the local film industry of Lodz and bring additional funds to the region. The whole sum given by the authorities has to be spent in the city during the shooting stage of production, which will last until November 20, 2009. In addition, the required 50% input on the filmmaker's part also has to be invested in Lodz, which means that 150% of the funding from the city will be boosting the local film industry.

    The movies entered in the competition should be long features, animations or documentaries presenting a positive image of Lodz. The application period for projects will last until February 6, 2009.