Polish TVP cuts back to avoid losses

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Polish public broadcaster TVP announced new budget and structural changes for 2009 that will cut projected losses from 300 to 78 million PLN.
    TVP (www.tvp.pl) reports that in answer to its Finance Office predictions of a 300 million PLN (€64.7 million) loss, the Board and the Supervision Council decided to take action and significantly change the structure of the stations expenses. TVP's five channels will jointly receive 463.7 million PLN for their budgets.

    In 2009 the TVP's Film Agency will spend €1 million for new cinema productions and the Television Production Agency was issued with €56 million for its works. TVP's television and cinema production branch had experienced the most significant structural changes last year, when two new divisions were created to improve this area of station's activity.

    The biggest cuts were for non-production sectors such as Marketing and Promotion Office, the Commercial Office, and the Trade and International Cooperation Office.

    The only significant financial increase went to TVP's Financial and Reconstructing Office with €3,8 million budget, €650,000 higher than 2008. The increase was due to necessary structural changes that will be introduced throughout this year. The budget changes will reduce projected losses by almost 80%.