Wajda film Katyn opens Polish film festival in Gdynia


    A screening of Andrzej Wajda's long-awaited film Katyń will be featured at the grand opening of the 32nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

    The opening ceremony takes place on Tuesday, Sept. 18. However, the festival's first screening will actually take place on Monday, Sept. 17, along with a briefing by the organizers.

    The festival is intended not only for professionals, but for all fans of Polish cinema and for the last several years, the screenings have been open to the public.

    Presentation of the filmmaking systems of other European countries has become a festival tradition, and this year will mark Scandinavian Day. Eight movies will be presented: two films each from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. After the screenings the audience will have an opportunity to meet the filmmakers.

    A key event of Scandinavian Day will be the special conference on support mechanisms for Scandinavian cinematography. Representatives of the Scandinavian film institutes, experienced filmmakers and others professionally involved in the filmmaking business from Poland and Scandinavia will participate in the conference.

    The festival will also feature a Russian Day. It will include screenings of eight movies over four days, and a conference on prospects for Polish-Russian cooperation in filmmaking. The conference will be opened by Agnieszka Odorowicz, director of the Polish Film Institute.