Polsat expands coverage

By FNE Staff
    Poland's pay-TV satellite platform Cyfrowy Polsat announced the addition of a fourth transponder and a 32% increase in its reach to satellite TV homes.

    The contract with Eutelsat's Hot Bird will enable expansion of Polsat's HD channels and bring the company's 72 digital channels to over 2.7 million homes. The March 4 statement from Eutelsat's Paris headquarters was jointly announced by Dominik Libicki, President and CEO of Cyfrowy Polsat, and Eutelsat Chairman and CEO Giuliano Berretta.

    Cyfrowy Polsat claims the leading position as a satellite TV provider based on subscriber numbers. It offers five HD channels: Polsat Sport HD, HBO HD, Eurosport HD, MTVNHD and Discovery HD.

    Cyfrowy Polsat trades on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Polaris Finance holds 60.73% of the company shares.