Polish film grants announced

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    The Polish Film Institute (PISF) has announced the results of its first round of film grants for 2009.

    The results of Polish Film Institite's grant session in the Operation Programs "Film Production" and "Film Projects Development" 1 (14)/ 2009 - a summary .

    • all the English titles appearing in brackets are not official translations of the Polish titles

    Type of grant : Priority I - DEVELOPMENT - ANIMATION


    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation

    KRÓL I KRÓLIK ( King and Rabbit)

    26 episodes of 24 min.

    Scriptwriter: Włodzimierz Matuszewski,

    Paweł Lesisz

    Director: Wojciech Karpiuk

    An animated series about a unruly boy nicknamed „Rabbit" and his family's failed trials of teaching him how he shouldn't behave.



    400 000 PLN /84 000 EUR

    200 000 PLN / 42 000 EUR

    CZARNA BANDERA ( Black Bandera)

    85 min.

    Scriptwriter: Monika Chybowicz-Brożyńska,

    Alicja Cichowicz

    Director.: Wiesław Zięba

    An animated long feature about Jan Marten, a brave pirate living in the XVIth Century Gdańsk, and his several adventurous journeys.


    235 000 PLN /49 200 EUR

    160 000 PLN /33 500 EUR

    ZACZAROWANE OKNO (Magic Window)

    6x25=150 min.

    Scriptwriter :Ewa Zelenay

    Director: Jarosław Marszewski


    A cycle of 6 episodes based around the topic of family, joining acting sequences with animation.

    BWM Art. Sp. z o.o.

    64 949 PLN / 600 EUR

    45 450 PLN/ 9 500 EUR

    WIELKIE ZMARTWIENIE ( Major Trouble)

    23 min.

    Scriptwriter: Jan Zamojski, Zbigniew Kotecki

    Director: Zbigniew Kotecki

    An animated adaptation of a philosophical fable written by Leszek Kołakowski. A tale about search for identity, friendship, empathy and the road to accepting oneself and the idea of difference in every case.




    165 084 PLN / 34 600 EUR

    50 000 PLN / 10 000 EUR

    WAKACJE FRYCKA ( Fritz's Vacation)

    85 min.

    Scriptwriter: Antoni Bańkowski, Sławomir


    Director: Marek Skrobecki

    A doll-animated long feature presenting two interviewing episodes from the life of the Polish genius composer Friedrick Chopin. One takes place when he was 14 and visited Szafrania during his summer holidays, the second when he was 20 and left Warsaw forever.



    232 000 PLN / 48 600 EUR

    160 000/ 33 500 EUR

    BABCIA (Grandmother)

    90 min.

    Scriptwriter: Krzysztof Ślaziński

    Director: Sebastian Pańczyk


    A long animated feature about a certain grandmother who gains super powers after a meteorite hits the Earth. In effect, she can turn herself in a 2meter, hairy devil and decides to use this new ability to fight crime.


    Sp. z o.o.

    358 450 PLN / 75 155 EUR

    50 000 PLN /10 500 EUR

    Type of grant : Priority I - DEVELOPMENT - DOCUMENTARY


    Project description

    Production company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation


    ŚWIATÓW (Fanzin - War of the Worlds)

    80 min.

    Scriptwriter: Monika Jargot-Kędzierska,

    Bartosz Pietras

    Director: Monika Jargot-Kędzierska

    A documentary about the first years of Polish punk rock, planned as a collage of archive materials, contemporary commentary, photos and animation.


    Sp. z o.o.

    48 700 PLN/10 210 EUR

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR



    KINEMATOGRAFII (Bolesław Matuszewski - the Unknown Pioneer Of Polish Cinematography)

    45 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Jerzy Bezkowski

    A documentary about Bolesław Matuszewski, a pioneer of Polish cinematography and the author of first Polish documentaries and treaties about film.





    28 600/5 996 EUR

    17 100/ 3 585 EUR

    SZARY (Grey)

    55 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Grzegorz Królikiewicz

    A documentary devoted to Antoni Heda, a prominent patriot, member of the conspiracy, leader of the partisans, a prisoner sentenced to death by Stalin and a determined warrior for freedom and democracy.


    Sp. z o.o.

    41 963 PLN / 8 984 EUR

    29 318,70 PLN / 6,283.992 EUR


    WOJENNY (A Jewish War Song-Book)

    75 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Łukasz Czuj

    A staged documentary combining episodes from several unknown cabarets, vaudevilles and musical life of Jewish ghettos from the occupied Europe.



    108 000 PLN / 22 644 EUR

    50 000 PLN/ 10 482 EUR

    LALKI (Dolls)

    55 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Thierry Paladino

    A nostalgic documentary about the trip of an old doll maker and his student to southern France. The boy's first journey could be his master's last.

    Centrala Sp. z o.o.

    81 640 PLN / 17 117 EUR

    30 000 PLN / 6 288 EUR


    NIEZWYKŁY OBYWATEL ŚWIATA (Sasha - The Ordinary Citizen Of USRR, The Extraordinary Citizen Of The World)

    90 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Mirosław Dembiński

    A documentary portrait of Sasha, whose life is connected to the history of USRR and presents the essence of the communist system as well as authority-citizen relations.

    Studio Filmowe Everest

    342 300 PLN / 71 759 EUR

    30 000 PLN / 6 288 EUR

    FENOMEN CHOPINA (Chopin's Phenomenon)

    60 min.

    Scriptwriter: Łukasz Bluszcz, Krzysztof


    Director: Krzysztof Dzięciołowski


    The documentary is not going to be a typical anniversary movie, but an attempt for a fresh outlook on the work of the famous Polish composer.


    Krzysztof Dzięciołowski

    30 580 PLN /6 410 EUR

    10 000 PLN /2 096 EUR

    Type of grant : Priority I - DEVELOPMENT - FEATURE FILM


    Project description

    Production company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation

    OPERACJA WOLNOŚĆ (Operation Freedom)

    100 min.

    Scriptwriter:Dominik W.Rettinger

    Director: Roger Donaldson

    A political-spy thriller about the fall of communism and a man who was one of the biggest anonymous players in the East-West field.


    Sp. z o.o.

    606 258 PLN / 127 086 EUR

    200 000 PLN/ 41 941 EUR


    100 min.

    Scriptwriter: Andrzej Gołda

    Director : vacat

    The adaptation of a novel by Jan Grzegorczyk evolving around the topics of church "that never was" and its human nature with all its vain, mean and greed.


    240 000 PLN / 50 312 EUR

    100 000 PLN/ 20 964 EUR

    PIEKŁO NIEBO (Hell Heaven)

    90 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Dorota Kędzierzawska

    The plot of the film takes place in Silesia during the 70's of the previous century. Eleven-year-old Ajta spends his last year in the family village before his departure to Germany.

    KID FILM Sp. z o.o.

    152 154 PLN / 32 583 EUR

    105 954 PLN / 22 729 EUR

    TYRMAND 1954

    100 min.

    Scriptwriter.: Andrzej Gołda

    Director :Maciej Pieprzyca

    The script is planned to be a „portrait" of Leopold Tyrmand, Polish anticommunist writer and journalist, the propagator of the forbidden jazz music, a scandalist and one of the most colorful characters of the Warsaw boheme of the 50's.



    254 767 PLN / 54 612 EUR

    100 000 PLN / 20 964 EUR

    MIŁOŚĆ (Love)

    90 min.

    Scriptwriter:Sławomir Fabicki,

    Marek Pruchniewski

    Director Sławomir Fabicki

    A project of a drama focused on a complicated martial relations between two thirty-year-olds from the middle class, living in a town with no more them 100 000 habitants.


    171 800 PLN / 36 824 EUR

    100 000 PLN / 20 964 EUR


    120 min.

    Scriptwriter.: Jacek Koprowicz

    Director: Piotr Mularuk

    A remake of the picture made in 1985 under the same title. The plot is transfered to 21st Century, where the fear of fascism turned into fear of terrorism.

    Yeti Films Sp. z o.o.

    151 844 PLN / 32 545 EUR

    75 700 PLN / 16 225 EUR

    MAŁY WIELKI ŚWIAT (Small Big World)

    100 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Wiesław Saniewski

    A feature inspired by a children's novel written by Helena Saniewska under the same title. It is a record of hard and breakthrough months shown trough the eyes of two children, a teenage Zuzka and her younger brother Filip.

    Saco Films Ltd.

    205 300 PLN / 43 989 EUR

    102 000 PLN / 21 855 EUR

    DUMKA (Muse)

    120 min.

    Scriptwriter: Filip Łobodziński

    Director: Katarzyna Adamik

    A story inspired by authentic events. The heroine's life choices force her to ponder upon important subjects of political and humanitarian problems.

    Studio Filmowe „TOR"

    196 206 PLN / 42 021 EUR

    118 856 PLN / 25 485EUR


    90 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Piotr Dumała

    A project of a feature joining acting and animation. Based on a short story titled "Return" about a young man whose job search leads him to a village with an unusual name Ederly, situated in Poland but at the same time nowhere.



    171 430 PLN / 36 758 EUR

    100 000 PLN / 20 964 EUR

    NA DACHU (On The Roof)

    110 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Rafał Kapeliński

    An optimistic and ironic comedy about Marek Markowski, a Polish emigrant living a double life in Dublin.


    225 710 PLN / 48 391 EUR

    90 000 PLN / 19 278 EUR

    KRÓL MADAGASKARU (The King Of Madagascar)

    105 min.

    Scriptwriter: Arkadiusz Wojnarowski

    Director: Idrissa Quedraogo

    An adventure-biography costume drama about the life of Maurycy Beniowski, a Hungarian confederate under Bar, who married a Pole, often visited the French royal court, was an exceptional check player, a colonizer and the king of kings in Madagascar.

    Fundacja im. Ferdynanda


    199 967 PLN / 42 826 EUR

    60 000 PLN / 12 849 EUR

    PIEŚNI MIŁOSNE (Love Songs)

    95 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Barbara Sass

    A feature about a girl who tries to find peace and quiet in a monastery after her life had taken a traumatic turn. The script was inspired by a true story of the Bethany Sisters from the monastery in Kazimierz.

    Wytwórnia Filmów

    Dokumentalnych i


    91 238 PLN / 19 537 EUR

    45 619 PLN / 9 805 EUR


    KWIECIEŃ (An Exceptionally Chill April)

    100 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Michał Otłowski


    A film about a thirty-year-old with a challenging history, who exists on the outskirts of society. When he tries to turn his life around, the past comes back to haunt him.



    108 608 PLN / 23 320 EUR

    70 000 PLN / 15 030 EUR



    90 min.

    Scriptwriter: Philip Burthem, Robin Cowley

    Director: Cezary Iber


    A dramatic history about Vikings, brotherhood, love and courage with an ambition to compete with Jerzy Hoffman's „An Ancient Tale: When the Sun Was a God".


    Sławomir Ciok

    146 000 PLN / 31 345 EUR

    70 000 PLN / 15 030 EUR


    PARTYZANT (Lalus- The Last Partizant)

    95 min.

    Scriptwriter/Director: Piotr Uklański


    A feature with a plot based on the story of Józef „Laluś" Franczak, the last unrevielled solider of the Polish Underground, who was murdered by the SB in 1963.


    Małgorzata Bakalarz

    261 562 PLN / 56 147 EUR

    70 000 / 15 030 EUR



    100 min.

    Scriptwriter :Agnieszka Trzos, Lauren Mackenzie

    Director: Agnieszka Trzos


    A story about Polish emigrants living in Ireland and the difficulties that a meeting of two nations and two cultures brings.

    Akili Film Production

    Sp. z o.o.

    244 530 PLN / 52,498.63 EUR

    50 000 PLN / 10 482 EUR

    Type of grant : Priority II - GRANTS FOR SCRIPTWRITERS


    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation

    MARYNARZ W ŁODZI (Sailor In Łódź)

    FEATURE FILM 90 min.


    A feature about a sailor who comes to Łódź on a night train and tells a different story to every person that he meets on his way. A film about a man who is looking for his own identity and his place in the world.

    Marcin Latałło

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR

    LĘK WYSOKOŚCI (Fear Of Hights)

    FEATURE FILM 100 min.


    A family drama about love and manipulation between a schizophrenic father and his son, who tries to help him and start his own life.

    Bartek Konopka,

    Piotr Borkowski

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR


    DOCUMENTARY 70 min.

    A documentary about art and life of prominent characters of the Polish culture - planned for 10 episodes with the first one devoted to Franciszek Starowiejski.

    Artur Sochan,

    Witold Michoń

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR

    OSTATNIA RODZINA (Last Family)

    FEATURE FILM 90 min.

    A family drama, set in a broad social and cultural context, devoted to relations between an internationally known painter and his son, the author of dark music radio broadcasts and movie translations.

    Robert Bolesto

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR

    NIEZNANY FOLDER (Unknown Folder)

    FEATURE FILM 100 min.


    A story of Marcin, a survivor of a tremendous tragedy who is consumed with the need for revenge. The plot develops in the shadows of the Afghanistan war and Polish engagement as the part of UNO forces.

    Filip Łobodziński

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR


    POJEDNANIE ( The Very Great Reconciliation)

    FEATURE FILM 90 min.


    A script of a modern moral drama, mixed with elements of bitter humo,r devoted to the short reconciliation between Wisła and Cracovia soccer fans after the death of Pope John Paul II.

    Krzysztof Maćkowski

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR


    DOCUMENTARY 71 min.


    A project of a documentary about Mirek Nahacz, who at 18 years old wrote his first book that promised a prominent literary talent and changed his whole life. After this experience and publishing of his third book the Polish writer committed suicide at 23.

    Anna Maria Mączka

    8 000 PLN / 1 717 EUR


    ( Bigbeats)

    FEATURE FILM 80 min.


    A story about getting older, alienation and solitude as well as hope and the point of making attempts of fighting with life.

    Andrzej Duda

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR

    ŚMIERĆ CHOPINA (Chopin's Death)

    DOCUMENTARY 90 min.

    A project of documentary that will try to discover the secret disease and explain, after 150 years, all the medical aspects of Frederic Chopin's death. The movie will have the structure of a musical form - the "allegro sonata".

    Henryk Urbanek

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR

    TRZY POGRZEBY I ŚLUB (Three Funerals And A Wedding)

    FEATURE FILM 90 min.

    An attempt to create a romantic comedy with title, plot and humor references to the most popular English comedy of the 90's.

    Ewa Bukowska,

    Marek Bukowski

    30 000 PLN / 6 288 EUR

    OD ZMIERZCHU DO ŚWITU (From Dusk Till Dawn)

    DOCUMENTARY 72 min.

    A documentary aiming to present to the world of Polish poker to the broader audience.

    Maciej Słowiński

    9 000 PLN / 1 932 EUR


    GUTENBERGA (The Unusual Faith Of Gutenberg's Bible)

    DOCUMENTARY 71 min.

    A documentary about a two volumed book from Pelpin, one of the 50 copies that lasted till our times out of 200 printed by Jan Gutenberg.

    Marek Kilaszewski

    5 000 PLN / 1 073 EUR

    Type of grant : Priority I - DIRECTING DEBUTS - FEATURE FILM


    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation


    Leszek Dawid

    Ki is twenty five, a mother of a two-year-old Pio.Surrounded by friends from the feminist Warsaw Boheme, the world that attracts her with its glitter, she cannot agree with restrictions connected to motherhood. She is looking for men, that are interested in her and would take care of Pio.

    Skorpion Arte Sp. z o.o.

    2 300 327 PLN / 493 857 EUR

    1 000 000 PLN / 214 716 EUR


    Piotr Borkowski

    A neurosurgeon is starting to loose his sight. One of his last patients helps him to face the inevitable change in his life. Their relation helps them to find themselves and take a new look out at life.


    Sp. z o.o.

    1 386 160 PLN / 297 606 EUR

    50 000 PLN / 10 482 EUR

    Project directed to Development


    Cezary Pazura

    A gangster comedy taking place during three days of the title weekend. It follows the adventures of Max and Gul, two young criminals, showing the big city life trough the eyes of men making dirty business. All the characters essential to this genre will appear, with the Russian mafia and corrupted police officials in front.

    Cezar 10 Sp. z o.o.

    6 500 000 PLN / 1 397 540 EUR

    1 000 000 PLN / 214 716 EUR

    Transfered to Priority VI - Loan

    Type of grant : Priority I - DIRECTING DEBUTS - DOCUMENTARY


    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation


    52 min

    Keren Shavit

    A documentary road cinema recording the trip of the Israeli tourist using the phenomena of couch surfing ( internet service helping to find free accommodation) who finds kind people in Poland.

    Opus Film Sp. z o.o.

    222 178 PLN / 47 844 EUR

    111 089 PLN / 23 911 EUR


    50 min

    Yaelle Kayam

    A look at the faith of Polish Jews trough the prism of the individual story of Adelson, the last living representative of the pre-war Jewish community in Suwałki.

    Opus Film Sp. z o.o.

    154 053 PLN / 33 155 EUR

    77.026,50 PLN / 16.58677 EUR

    CZŁOWIEK BIRIM (The Man Of Birim)

    50 min

    Dominika Długokęcka

    The voice of uprooted Israeli Maronites from the perspective of Shady Khalloula, who fights for his national tradition and Aramean language to be restored in the village of Kafr Birim.

    OPUS FILM Sp. z o.o.

    197 809 PLN / 42 575 EUR

    98.904,50 PLN / 21.29775 EUR

    ANIOŁ W PIEKLE (Angel In Hell)

    55 min

    Grzegorz Milko, Filip Surma

    The story of Krzysztof Cegielski, a twenty nine-year-old speedway rider, who survived a dangerous accident five years ago. He couldn't retrieve his physical capabilities and till this day uses wheel chair.


    Grzegorz Milko

    179 665 PLN / 38,679.42 EUR

    80 000 PLN / 17 222 EUR


    STASIA (The whole World Of Hania And Staś)

    52 min

    Tomasz Jurkiewicz

    One year out of the life of Hanna and Stanisław Mularczyk, the owners of a falling country farm outside of Cracow.

    Joanna Szymańska


    112 540 PLN / 24 204 EUR

    80 000 PLN / 17 222 EUR

    KARTKA Z PODRÓŻY (A Frame From The Trip)

    30 min

    Jakub Stożek

    An attempt to family therapy of neurosis presented on the example of the forty two-year-old Mariusz. His daughters encourage him to rebuild the severed ties with other members of the family, each being the source of emotional troubles of the man.



    Natalia Bartkowicz-Koszałka

    103 950 PLN / 22 3552 EUR

    80 000 PLN / 17 222 EUR

    WSPÓLNA SPRAWA ( The Common Matter)

    50 min

    Paweł Althamer

    In an experimental movie, the director mixes fiction with documentary shoots of the actions joining him and the habitants of his block at Bródno district in Warsaw.



    158 930 PLN / 34 331 EUR

    20 000 PLN / 4 193 EUR

    Project directed to Development

    Type of grant : Priority I - DIRECTING DEBUTS - ANIMATED FILM


    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation


    CZERWONA GWIAZDA (Terror From Outher Space And The Red Star)

    8 min.

    Jacek Rokosz

    The main character Robert, a „space ranger", lands in the Bieszczady Mountains with a mission to inspect the local flora and fauna. He discovers that the Red Army base is disposing radioactive waist to the forest. Robert faces a Soviet superhero to protect the mountain animals.


    Sp. z o.o.

    166 983 PLN / 36 069 EUR

    100 000 PLN / 21 600 EUR

    Type of grant : Priority II - FEATURE FILM PRODUCTION


    Project description

    Producting Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation

    KRZYŻ WALECZNYCH (The Sword Of The Valiants)

    Andrzej Bartkowiak -International Coproduction: Poland, Great Britain

    The historic-adventure film about Merian C. Cooper, the co-creator of the Polish-American flight squadron named Tadeusz Kościuszko, that glorified itself during the fights for independence at the Polish-Bolshevik war. The plot covers also a love story, taking place during Cooper's further career as the Hollywood producer of "King Kong".

    EC1 Films Sp. z o.o.

    29 000 000 PLN / 6 263 966 EUR

    8 000 000 PLN / 1 727 962 EUR

    JOANNA (Johanna)

    Feliks Falk

    During the WWII, Johanna takes care of a small Jewish girl named Rose ,whose mother was arrested. She hides the child in her apartment, that fails to be a safe refuge. One day a German officer discovers Rose...

    Michał Kwieciński

    „Akson Studio"

    4 646 000 PLN / 1 003 577 EUR

    2 000 000 PLN / 431 989 EUR

    KOŁYSANKA (Lullaby)

    Juliusz Machulski

    A dark comedy taking place at the Mazovian country side. One night Roman, living alone in seclusion, disappears in mysterious circumstances. He is nowhere to be found and his farm is occupied by a new Makarewicz family, whose members tell everyone that the man left"after the job".

    Studio Filmowe „Zebra"

    6 731 795 PLN / 1 454 116 EUR

    3 000 000 PLN / 648 017 EUR


    Jan Hryniak

    The story of two intellectuals with high sentences breaking out of prison. Mark Kowalewski is a talented 100$ bill forger and his cell mate is an older and disabled "professor" Witek. Their print of false dollars is supposed to secure the ransom for the deputy kidnapped in Afghanistan.

    Andrzej Stępniewski i

    Romy Stępniewska s.c.


    4 651 916 PLN / 1 004 838 EUR

    2 300 000 PLN / 496 810 EUR


    Jerzy Skolimowski

    International Coproduction:France, Poland, Great Britain

    An action feature about the escape of the prisoner, who commits a crime when the situation forces him.

    Skopia Film

    Sp. z o.o.

    8 141 493 PLN / 1 758 645 EUR

    3 500 000 PLN / 755 995 EUR


    Agnieszka Holland, International Coproduction: Poland, Canada, Germany

    A fact based story about Leopold Socha, a thief from Lwów, who risks his life and hides a group of Jews in the canals during WWII.

    Studio Filmowe „Zebra"

    22 232 885 PLN /

    4 802 418 EUR

    3 362 900 PLN / 726 499 EUR


    Maciej Żak

    Twenty-year-old Simek, unjustly accused of murder, went mute and lost the chance for defense. He is under observation on the psychiatric ward, where he has the only chance to tell his story from couple of months earlier.

    STI Studio Filmowe

    Sp. z o.o.

    4 039 128 PLN / 872 486 EUR

    1 900 000 PLN / 410 421 EUR

    ŚLUBY PANIEŃSKIE (Maiden's Vows)

    Filip Bajon

    A film based on a play written by Aleksander Fredro under the same title. The movie includes a contemporary plot, presenting the relationship between actors playing leading roles.

    SF „Kalejdoskop" Sp. z


    6 701 848 PLN / 1 447 321 EUR

    3 000 000 PLN / 648 017 EUR

    WYGRANY (The Winner)

    Wiesław Saniewski, International Coproduction: Poland, USA, Holand

    A story of a young pianist who rejects the chance for a great career but regains the sense of personal freedom. A film about people, disinterested friendship, dreams and breaking out of solitude.

    SACO Films Ltd.

    Sp. z o.o.

    13 398 558 PLN / 2 893 683 EUR

    3 000 000 PLN / 648 017 EUR

    FELIX, NET I NIKA... (Felix, Net & Nika...)

    Wiktor Skrzynecki

    Felix, Net and Nika are students of the junior high school in Warsaw. Felix is an inventor, Net a computer whiz and Nika can influence the object's kinetics using only her will power. After an encounter with a a giant meat eating sundew, they decide to accompany Felix's dad on a holiday trip...

    WF „Czołówka"

    8 003 230 PLN / 1 728 582 EUR

    2 500 000 PLN / 539 880 EUR

    REJS DWA ( The Cruise Two)

    Marek Piwowski

    An adventure comedy, 90 minutes, on a cruise ship, filmed during 35 shoot days, script and direction Marek Piwowski.

    Anna Pupin


    6 000 015 PLN / 1 295 716 EUR

    3 000 000 PLN / 648 017 EUR

    GŁUPOL (Stupid)

    Janusz Kondratiuk

    Bożena, a small clerk in a big bank, believes that the only way to truly live is to buy. The only trouble is the constant lack of money. Another source of Bożena's frustration is her husband,with whom she is pregnant. Suddenly, the woman stumbles upon a once in a life time opportunity...


    Agencja Filmowa Sp. z


    5 046 527 PLN / 1 090 172 EUR

    2 000 000 PLN / 431 989 EUR

    PRZYTUL MNIE DRANIU (Hug Me, Bastard)

    Radosław Piwowarski

    High school finals- Love - Rospuda River. A story of a "good girl" who rebells against her rich parents and enters the circle of the Green Party. She falls in love with a handsome and crazy "bastard" and suddenly finds herself in a lot of trouble.


    5 130 000 PLN / 1 107 935 EUR

    2 000 000 PLN / 431 989 EUR

    ŁOWCA DUSZ (Soul Hunter)

    Robert Gliński, International Coproduction: Poland, Russia

    It's the year 1922. Two American Jesuits, Walsh and Gallagher, are sent to Moscow with charity help to the starving Russia. However, the main goal of their trip is retrieving the relics of Saint Adrew Bobola grabbed by the Bolsheviks.

    Contra Studio Sp. z o.o.

    11 151 085 PLN / 2 408 630 EUR

    4 000 000 PLN / 864 088 EUR

    EPILOG (Epilogue)

    Wojciech Wójcik, International Coproduction: Poland, USA

    Frank is an devoted and honored member of the American mafia. Before retiring, he agrees to carry out the last order of his Boss. However, nothing will go as planned...

    SPI International Polska

    Sp. z o.o.

    4 490 120 PLN / 969 841 EUR

    1 700 000 PLN / 367 199 EUR

    WENECJA (Venice)

    (also a series: 3 episodes x 45 min)

    Jan Jakub Kolski

    A script based on the prose by Włodzimierz Odojewski. The film's narrator is an eleven-year-old Marek, raised by his grandmother,aunt, Liliana, Zuzia, Karolina and Frosia. Trough his eyes we will see six years of war. He recreates the title Venice, a city of his dreams, in the basement of their house.

    Akson Studio

    7 448 026 PLN / 1 608 847 EUR

    3 000 000 PLN / 648 017 EUR

    Type of grant : Priority III -DOCUMENTARY FILM PRODUCTION


    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation

    OSTATNI DZIEŃ LATA (The Last Day Of Summer)

    50 min

    Piotr Stasik

    The world of a Russian military cadet school seen trough the eyes of 5 boys at different ages studying to become soldiers, prepared for the world of grown ups.


    Sp. z o.o.

    445 957 PLN / 96 307 EUR

    150 000 PLN / 32 393 EUR

    IKONA (Icon)

    30 min

    Wojciech Kasperski

    A record of a year long study of a serial killer conducted by a doctor in a small hospital situated somewhere in the Siberian taiga...


    411 250 PLN / 88 820 EUR

    150 000 PLN / 32 393 EUR

    GRY WOJENNE (War Games)

    110 MIN.

    Dariusz Jabłoński, International Coproduction: Poland, France, Slovakia

    Americans call him a hero, Russians a traitor and Poles are divided in their opinion. Ryszard Kukliński was a quiet, modest, helpful man, whose tragic life influenced the history of the world, without using cannons and tanks. It's a movie about him, but without him on the screen. Made in spirit of his own wishes that he expressed by saying " history will judge me, I don't want to do anything that would influence that."

    Apple Film

    Production Sp. z o.o.

    3 912 923 PLN / 845 097 EUR

    600 000 PLN / 129 587 EUR

    DZIECI KOTANA (Kotan's Children)

    85 MIN.

    Mirosław Dembiński, International Coproduction: Poland, Ukraine

    The idea of „giving yourself to others" was created by Marek Kotański as the most successful therapy against drugs and alcohol addiction, poverty and social seclusion. Although he is dead for 6 years, the idea didn't fade away. It is carried on by thousands of people in hundreds of Monar centers. Among them there are those, who were saved by Marek and those, who have never met him. However they are all "Kotan's Children".

    Studio Filmowe


    Mirosław Dembiński

    898 907 PLN / 194 164 EUR

    150 000 PLN / 32 393 EUR

    TRZY POKOJE (Three Rooms)

    30 min

    Tomasz Wolski

    A collective portrait of applicants at the Register Office becomes a pretext to a philosophical reflection upon the consecutive stages of life.


    Anna Gawlita

    150 054 PLN / 32 411 EUR

    80 000 PLN / 17 291 EUR

    TYLKO PRAWDA (Just The Truth)

    90 MIN.

    Stanisław Mucha, International Coproduction: Poland, Germany

    An investigation crime documentary devoted to the polygraph commonly known as the lie detector. Does it really work? The movie will end with a spectacular duel between the modern machine and a man.

    Studio Filmowe


    Sp. z o.o.

    1 580 882 PLN / 341 894 EUR

    200 000 PLN / 41 941 EUR

    INWENTARYZACJA (Inventory)

    15 min

    Paweł Łoziński

    A record of a one work day of three young Hebraists that have been conducting an inventory of the graves at the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery for the last three years.



    144 738 PLN / 31 270 EUR

    50 000 PLN / 10 482 EUR


    RÓŻEWICZ O STAROŚCI (Emeritus Poet or Różewicz On Senility)

    50 min

    Andrzej Sapija

    The pondering of Tadeusz Różewicz on life, passing time and getting older.

    KAMEROVID Sp. z o.o.

    166 848 PLN / 36 041 EUR

    50 000 PLN / 10 482 EUR

    FIRMA (The Company)

    52 min

    Jacek Knopp

    The story of young oppositionists from Gdańsk, who were unable to work during the war state of 1981 and created the company „Świetlik" which specialized in height works. After a decade, the same people went on to becoming the political elite in new, democratic Poland.


    Krzysztof Kopczyński

    302 412 PLN / 65 323 EUR

    151 206 PLN / 32 663 EUR

    WYPĘDZENI 1939 (Exiled 1939)

    70 I 50 MIN.

    Jacek Kubiak, Klaus Salge, International Coproduction: Poland, Germany

    Documentary narration about mass deportation of Polish citizens from the lands included in the Reich and replacing them with ethnic Germans from different part of Europe ( mainly from the Soviet influence area). A live account from the witnesses and participants of the events will be supplemented with rare archive film and radio materials and illustrated with unseen iconography resources.


    738 480 PLN / 159 511 EUR

    200 000 PLN / 41 941 EUR

    POWRÓT DO CASABLANKI (Return To Casablanca)

    90 MIN.

    Małgorzata Gago, Bolesław Sulik,

    International Coproduction: Poland, France

    The authors of the film follow the traces of Mieczyslaw Słowikowski, the Polish major of the secret service, who could have been the prototype of Victor Laszko, one of the characters of the legendary "Casablanca".


    Sp. z o.o.

    1 525 505 PLN / 329 521 EUR

    200 000 PLN / 41 941 EUR


    PUSZKA PANDORY (Return To Łódź. Pandora's Box)

    70 MIN.


    International Coproduction: Poland, Germany

    Brothers Mark and Nigel Watkins are trying to find a treasure buried by their grandfather under a tenement house in Łódź during the first days of WWII. To achieve their goal they have to face Polish bureaucracy, tradition and legal system, but also the ruthless Hollywood porno movies producer, who does not even know that he is the main candidate to the family fortune.An adventurous treasure movie where humor mixes with tragedy and painful history with the absurds of modern times.

    Bow and Axe


    Sp. z o.o.

    1 788 406 PLN / 386 309 EUR

    250 000 PLN / 54 060 EUR

    MEZRITCH ZNACZY MIĘDZYRZEC (Mezritch Means Międzyrzec)

    55 MIN.

    Nissim Dayan, International Coproduction: Israel, Poland

    In Międzyrzec Podlaski, a sleepy town in the East of Poland , one day of May 2009 will bring back the aura of the pre-war Jewish shtetl. The unveiling of a sculpture devoted to the habitants that was murdered during WWII will take place and survivors will remind the history of the city, that before Holocaust was in 90% inhabited by Jews.

    Lucyna Kowalska


    428 389 PLN /92 650 EUR

    100 000 PLN / 21 605 EUR


    MYDŁO (It's Only Soap)

    57 min

    Grzegorz Królikiewicz

    A staged documentary about the verification of a prose titled „Professor Spanner", written by Zofia Nałkowska. In 1945 the author wrote this shot story where she described the case of fabrication of soap out of human remains conducted in the Anatomy Institute in The Gdańsk Medical Academy by Rudolf Spanner,a member of NSDAP.

    Studio Filmowe „N"

    Sp. z o.o.

    357 152 PLN / 77 245 EUR

    175 000 PLN / 37 849 EUR


    55 min

    Jacek Petrycki

    A story about Nowa Huta, a city of contrast that was supposed to be the „first city of God without church" and became the territory of fights for faith and afterwards the fight the the Doctrine, that created it.

    Wytwórnia Filmów

    Dokumentalnych i


    364 237 PLN / 78 710 EUR

    250 000 PLN / 78 710 EUR

    ŻYŁEM 17 RAZY (I Lived 17 Times)

    55 min

    Tadeusz Bystram, Stanisław Zawliśliński

    An attempt of synthesis of artistic works by Jerzy Kawalerowicz.

    Studio Filmowe KADR

    362 094 PLN / 78 316 EUR

    150 000 PLN / 32 393 EUR

    WYGNAŃCY (Exiles)

    2 x 50 min

    Tadeusz Litowczenko

    A documentary cycle devoted to the faith of Poles deported from Kresy Wschodnie (Eastern Borderlands) deep into USSR in the 40's and transfered from the previous eastern provinces of the Second Rzeczpospolita to so called Retrieved Lands.

    Maria Wojciechowicz-



    356 455 PLN / 77 017 EUR

    200 000 PLN / 41 941 EUR

    WSPÓLNY DOM (Common Home)

    45 min

    Andrzej Słodkowski

    History of the so called „retrieved lands" told from the perspective of two women, the previous and the present owner of a palace in the western Poland.

    Słodkowski Holding

    Sp. z o.o.

    190 700 PLN / 41 242 EUR

    80 000 PLN / 17 284 EUR

    BOGINIE (The Goddesses)

    60 min

    Krzysztof Lang

    The backstage of the fashion world shown trough the eyes of a Polish teenager, using the runway as a pass to becoming famous.

    TFT Sp. z o.o.

    321 625 PLN / 69 487 EUR

    45 625 PLN / 9 868 EUR

    HISTORIE KOWALSKICH (Stories Of The Kowalski Family)

    90 min

    Arkadiusz Gołębiewski,

    Maciej Pawlicki

    A feature length documentary about seven families, both Polish and Jewish, that witnessed a tragedy that took place on the 6th of December 1942 in Ciepielow and Rekówka, where a contingent of the German gandarmerie murdered civilian people for helping the Jews.


    Maciej Pawlicki

    1 382 170 PLN / 298 644 EUR

    250 000 PLN / 54 042 EUR

    SZTUKA W AUSCHWITZ (Art In Auschwitz)

    52 min

    Małgorzata Imielska

    A story about artists imprisoned in Auschwitz, who where using art as a way to escape the nightmare of the camp. A large number of art works created behind the bars of the camp was saved thanks to a museum, established in 1941, that assembled them as "different, interesting objects found at the camp's terrain".

    ANIMA-POL Sp. z o.o.

    185 140 PLN / 39 996 EUR

    80 000 PLN / 17 284 EUR


    70 min.

    Konrad Szołajski, International Coprodution: Poland, Belgium

    A documentary attempt to present the phenomenon of seduction.

    ZK Studio Sp. z o.o.

    408 000 PLN / 88 267 EUR

    200 000 PLN /41 941 EUR

    Type of grant : Priority IV - ANIMATED FILM PRODUCTION


    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation

    NA PIASKU (On The Sand)

    6 min.

    Ewa Ziobrowska

    A poetical impression about life presented trough a child's play at the beach. A project planned in the classical animation technique.

    M Serafiński

    Studio Graficzno-


    254 000 PLN / 54 942 EUR

    100 000 PLN / 21 605 EUR


    WAD (The Good Man And The World Without Faults)

    9 min.

    Balbina Bruszewska

    A story inspired by the methaphysics of surrealism about a man who carries a ideal image of the alternative world in his suitcase.

    Fundacja Filmowa


    210 000 PLN / 45 431 EUR

    140 000 PLN / 30 246 EUR

    MASKA (Mask)

    13 min.

    Brothers Quay

    A fusion of poetical science-fiction, doll theater and automates with the stylish world of opera and the music of Krzysztof Penderecki. In this universe, an automate-woman appears in a form of a robot-insect with a mission to kill her lover and fulfill her destiny. A dark love story inspired by a short story titled "Mask" written by Stanisław Lem. Doll animation will be complemented by computer visual effects.


    Produkcja Filmowa

    Sp. z o.o.

    514 000 PLN / 111 161 EUR

    200 000 PLN / 41 941 EUR

    PROJEKT CHOPIN (Project Chopin)

    108 MIN.

    Adam Wyrwas, Martin Clapp, KOPRODUKCJA MIĘDZYNARODOWA: Polska, W. Brytania

    „Project Chopin" is combined of 30 minute animation, 30 minute mix of animation with photos and 24 individual 2 minute long etudes. The film will show the possibility of using Chopin's music as the background for a history focused on the family genre, epecially for young viewers.The goal of the production is to show that Chopin's work is not destined only for the classical music conneseurs but also children and young people. Film is realized as part of the government program "Chopin 2010".


    SP. Z O.O.

    22 638 347 PLN / 4 891 988 EUR

    2 000 000 PLN / 432 340 EUR


    ĆMOKI, CZOPKI I MONDZIOŁY (Lords Of The Flies...)

    90 min.

    Bartek Kędzierski

    The full feature animation for the adults evolving around a group of friends : Czesio, Anusiak, Maślana i Konieczka. The mentioned four travels 30 years into the future, thanks to the crystal ball of a fortune-teller Jowita. They are able to see their lives as adults. Unfortunately, their future is not to bright and the heroes decide to never grow up.

    SPI International Polska

    Sp. z o.o.

    3 010 000 PLN / 650 324 EUR

    1 000 000 PLN / 216 054 EUR



    Project description

    Production Company

    Planned budget

    Amount of dotation

    SYN BOGA (Son Of God)

    Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv, International Coproduction:Izrael, Polska

    After the death of his wife and loosing his house, Peretz travels to Poland to find a man that saved his life during the war.For his son Judah this is a journey to a far and unreal country. For Peretz, the search for the lost benefactor is the search for something he is missing and that was lost to him. The catalyst of the changes turns out to be a beautiful woman, that he meets during his journey...

    Yeti Films Sp. z o.o.

    6 839 951 PLN / 1 477 677 EUR

    1 000 000 PLN / 216 054 EUR


    Krisztina Deak, International Coproduction: Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania

    How to cope with the fear of an accident and mother's death? What to do when this accident actually happens? These are the questions of Aglaja, the youngest daughter of a Hungarian circus gymnast and a Romanian clown. We get to know the story of complicated relations between the members of her family, who are running from the Ceausescu regime and try to find themselves in the western world.


    Radek Styś

    9 910 228 PLN / 2 140 613 EUR

    800 000 PLN / 172 828 EUR


    KTÓRA ŚNIŁA O MĘŻCZYŹNIE (A Woman who Had a Dream About A Man)

    Per Fly, International Coproduction: Czech Republic, Poland

    A married woman has a reoccurring dream about a particular man. During a business trip to Paris she meets him in reality. They experience short but violent emotional connection. When the woman goes back to her husband in Warsaw she meets the man from the dream again, but the their relation turns to an obsession with fatal consequences.

    Zentropa International

    Poland Sp. z o.o.

    11 000 000 PLN / 2 376 338 EUR

    800 000 PLN / 172 828 EUR


    MOŻNA WYHODOWAĆ SUKCES? (Half-breed Nobless Blood Horses. Can You Breed Sucess?)


    Wolfgang Bergmann,

    International Coproduction: Germany, Poland, Hungary

    The film tries to discover a secret of the German breeders, who tried to create the most perfect race by mixing horses of noble blood, imported for example from Poland, since the era of national socialism.

    Krzysztof Kopczyński


    1 318 623 PLN / 284 850 EUR

    98 000 PLN / 21 169 EUR