New film complex launches in Poland

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    A new film studio complex under the direction of Stanisław Tyczyński has opened in Alwernia, near Cracow.

    The film studios are managed by Polish companies DigiCinema, led by Tyczyński, and Alveria Studios with Marek Gabryjelski as chairman. Presently the complex offers two big sound stages ( 2,000 m2, height 16 m) as well as fully equipped studios for casting and rehearsal, image and sound post production, sound recording, color correction and final mastering of the project. Two big sound stages of 6,300 m2 are still under construction as well as a hotel that will accompany the complex.

    The film studio is expected to boost the film industry in the region. Cracow is strongly engaged in the promotion of both local and international cinema through festivals and cultural events. The local industry has recently been revived by the new Cracow Film Fund and Film Comission initiatives, which finance and encourage film projects in this region.

    DigiCinema (www.digicinema.pl) and Alveria Studios are not commenting on the project.