Polish market opens for DVB-H technology

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    Polish company INFO-TV-FM has won a tender to become the first Polish provider of television in the Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld format.
    The Polish Office of Electronic Communications (www.en.uke.gov.pl) reported that INFO-TV-FM (www.infotvfm.pl) received the highest number of points in the contest for the frequency allowing it to introduce DVB-H technology to the Polish market. INFO-TV-FM revealed plans to provide television programs and data transition by using the mobile telephone network, which allows watching broadcasts live while moving and in places that were not previously available.

    INFO-FM-TV will be able to use frequencies of 8MHz width from the 470-790MHz range them through May 31, 2015, in 31 Polish cities, and through December 31, 2023, throughout Poland. A condition of winning the lucrative tender was a PLN15 million (3.4 million Euro) fee to use the frequencies.

    INFO-FM-TV is a Zamość based joint-stock company, with the majority held by National Investment Fund Magna Polonia S.A.(www.magnapolonia.com.pl) .The firm reports that their winning offer includes a wholesale audiovisual media services as well as the distribution of radio and television programs with the usage of their frequencies throughout the whole country, with at least 16 programs from at least 16 unique audiovisual media service suppliers, including broadcasters.