A regional cinema chain launching in Poland


    Małopolska Province will co-finance a digital cinema chain project with Cracow-based Apollo Film using existing local cinemas in the region.

    The venture was initiated by Apollo Film (www.apollofilm.pl) in order to create locally funded competition for the private multiplex chains, such as Multikino.

    According to Apollo Film, Małopolska Province had issued PLN 3.8 million (€822,500 ) for the project with the total budget of PLN 6.2 million (€1.3 million). A large part will probably be covered by EU funds for local media development. The new digital cinema chain already includes over 10 local cinemas which will be equipped with modern digital projectors (costing €100,000 apiece) presently available in private Polish cinema chains.

    The new technology will be used for entertainment previously unavailable in local cinemas, such as live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera, as well as interactive education. Apollo Film and Fundacja Rozwoju Kina (A Cinema Development Foundation, www.frk.org.pl) plan to launch the project in September, 2009, with the opening of the new season at the Metropolitan Opera. Development of the cinema chain will run until 2021, to ensure EU funding.

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