Controversial TVP chairman survives recall vote

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    A motion to recall Piotr Farfał as public broadcaster TVP's temporary chairman and the reinstatement of Andrzej Urbański, Sławomir Siwek and Marcin Bochenek failed by a one vote margin.

    TVP's (www.tvp.pl) announced the result of the April 14 Board of Supervisors session.

    The issue of Farfał's dismissal is connected to strong political tensions within the board that were on display during the vote, when members connected to Poland's rightist and ultra conservative parties blocked the motion. In April, ARTE announced it was breaking its ties with TVP due to Farfał's connection with a political party accused of fascist leanings.

    Meanwhile, on the day of the session, Farfał criticized the long awaited new media bill ( see article: http://www.filmneweurope.com/news/poland/new-polish-media-bill-in-the-works), introduced by the members of leftist and centric-liberal parties, telling the press that the bill is unconstitutional and could pose a threat to Polish public broadcasters.